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Map Network Drive

Maps network drive for current user

Session Report Procedure

Terminal session operational log report

Kaseya Certified
Windows System Uptime

See the number of days an endpoint is up

Kaseya Certified
Disable automatic sign...

Sets registry key.

VSA Agent Utilization ...

VSA Deployment and Utilization Reports

Kaseya Certified
Network interface conn...

check the connection of local interface

Upgrade Windows 7 to W...

Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

New Microsoft Edge bro...

Install silently the new Edge browser


Webroot Kaseya Cloud M...

Deploy and Manage Next-Gen Security

TAP Partner
Identifying and Report...

Report Machines Vulnerable to Wanna Cry

Kaseya Certified
Customer Thermometer f...

1-click ratings for BMS & VSA tickets

TAP Partner
IT Glue

We ❤️ Documentation

TAP Partner
RMM Suite for Kaseya VSA

An Automation Powerhouse for VSA

Kaseya Certified
MSP Assist Ticket Mana...

Reduce ticket clutter & time wastage

TAP Partner


Server Health Check Re...

Server Health Check Report (PS)

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall Program from...

Will uninstall most programs

Kaseya NOC Dashboard

A free NOC display for on-premise use

Security Audit Report

Report on relevant security information

Kaseya Certified
Upstream Kaseya Power ...

Keep calm and Automate!

Windows 10 update to l...

Windows 10 update to latest version

Remove Windows 10 non ...

Remove Windows 10 Non productivity Apps

Kaseya Certified
Computer Name Change

Computer Name Change

Windows 10 October 201...

Upgrade Win 10 to October 2018 (1809)

Kaseya Certified
Identifying and Report...

Report Machines Vulnerable to Wanna Cry

Kaseya Certified
Install/Update JAVA

Java Javascript SDK

Get Bitlocker Status a...

Bitlocker Status & Key Retrieval