Agent Procedures

Install Root Certificate

installs a root certificate on agent

Kaseya Certified
Set Static IP

set static IP on agent

Kaseya Certified
Remotely Reboot

reboots a remote pc

Kaseya Certified
Gather AD Info

generates report with AD information

Kaseya Certified
Set Default Browser

sets default browser of your choice

Kaseya Certified
Office License Status ...

checks status of office license

Kaseya Certified
KCB Port Checker

Ensure Kaseya Cloud Backup communication

Windows 21H1 update

Updates windows to 21H1 latest build

Clear Temp Folders

erases temp folders from endpoint

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall SysAid Agent

uninstalls the sysaid agent

Kaseya Certified
Toggle Win 10 Fast Boot

toggles win 10 fast boot option

Kaseya Certified
Identify Windows Licen...

identifies the windows license status

Kaseya Certified
Create Desktop Shortcut

creates a desktop shortcut

Kaseya Certified
Manage Citrix Workspac...

installs/uninstalls citrix workspace app

Kaseya Certified
Disable Windows Local ...

Disable all local admin accounts

Kaseya Certified
Change password expire

Set local user account to never expire

OneDrive Installer

installs onedrive

Kaseya Certified
Install Wi-Fi Profile

installs premade wifi profiles

Kaseya Certified
Dell Security Advisory...

Remediate Dell vulnerability

Stolen Computer - Syst...

tools to reset system

Kaseya Certified
Dell Command Update V4.10

Installs and runs Dell Command Update

BGInfo Background Wall...

sets a background with bginfo

Kaseya Certified
Backup Default website

Backup Default Website

Change User's Passwords

change local users passwords

Kaseya Certified
Clear and Archive Even...

clears and archives event logs

Kaseya Certified
Clear Printer Queue

clears printer queue of all jobs

Kaseya Certified
Manage Dropbox

installs/uninstalls Dropbox

Kaseya Certified
Manage Slack

installs & uninstalls Slack

Kaseya Certified
Manage Firefox ESR

install/uninstall Firefox ESR

Kaseya Certified
Blue Screen of Death (...

alerts when a BSOD occurred.

Kaseya Certified
MacOS Big Sur Upgrade ...

allows to enable/disable big sur upgrade

Kaseya Certified
Workstation Uptime Reboot

reboots if pc has been up for 7+ days

Kaseya Certified
Gather User Profile Info

gathers profile info into csv

Kaseya Certified
Check Bit Locker Status

checks bitlocker status

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall Firefox

Agent Procedure to Uninstall Firefox


Feedback system for Kaseya BMS

TAP Partner
Win/Mac Remove Acronis

Removes Acronis from Windows and macOS

Fix Acronis DeviceLock...

Disables DeviceLock DLP to prevent crash

Win/Mac Encryption Status

Detailed status of Bitlocker/FileVault

ITT - Managing Network...

custom solution for IT Toolkit

Kaseya Certified
Install KB5001567 from...

KB5001567 Windows Update Catalog

Install Horizon Client...

Install Horizon Client (Reboot)

Software Management Re...

10 SM-related reports

Kaseya Certified
Integration with VSA A...

Integrate VSA with Compliance Manager

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall N-Able - Win...

Uninstall N-Able - Windows Agent


MS Tool to scan for threats

Exchange Proxy Logon V...

tests known CVEs related to Hafnium

Kaseya Certified
Manage Mapped Drives

add/remove mapped drives

Kaseya Certified
IT Toolkit - Windows U...

sets the desktop and login message

Kaseya Certified
Internet Speed Tester

leverages mlabs to get bandwidth rates

Kaseya Certified
Install Adobe Reader DC

Install Adobe Reader DC

Manage VPN Connections

create/delete vpn connections

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall Chrome Browser

Uninstall Chrome Browser

Test File Permissions

tests file permissions against json

Kaseya Certified
Hyper-V Auto-start VMs...

Hyper-V Host AP to Start Saved State VM

Set Password History S...

sets the password history requirement

Kaseya Certified
Check MS SQL Index Fra...

checks sql db's for index fragmentation

Kaseya Certified
Set Desktop Background

set desktop background to custom image

Kaseya Certified
Win10 Toggle User Noti...

enable\disable user notify on win10

Kaseya Certified
Export WiFi History

Exports the history of the WiFi adapter

MacOS Disable/Enable F...

Change Firewall Settings

MacOS Allow Standard U...

Grant Printer Permissions to All Users

MacOS Change DNS

Set DNS for endpoint

Install Kaseya Live Co...

Updated Live Connect install procedure

Set DNS Servers

Set the Primary/Secondary DNS servers

Kaseya Certified
Malwarebytes Change In...

Move client to different MWB instance

Get Local Admins

get a list of local admins on agent

Kaseya Certified
Gather Windows Version...

gathers data to csv

Kaseya Certified
Update static DNS serv...

Update DNS servers on Windows nics

Solarwinds Version Check

checks against known vulnerable versions

Set Password Complexity

Enables password complexity policy

Kaseya Certified
Get HP Warranty Inform...

gets HP Warranty Info

Kaseya Certified
Wipe Windows 10 to fac...

Remotely Wipe Windows 10 Data

Gather Largest Folders

gathers top 10 largest folders

Kaseya Certified
Block Unapproved Websites

allows for management of a url blacklist

Kaseya Certified
Gather List of Domain ...

run on AD server to get all admins

Kaseya Certified
IT Toolkit: Set Power ...

sets power options automatically

Kaseya Certified
Get List of Inactive C...

run on AD to get inactive PCs

Kaseya Certified
Set Password Expiratio...

procedure to set password exp setting

Kaseya Certified
Set Screen Lockout Timer

sets the screen lockout setting

Kaseya Certified
Enable Multiple Termin...

enables krc terminal services for KRC

Kaseya Certified
Disable Inactive Users

procedure to disable inactive users

Kaseya Certified
Remove Empty OUs on AD

procedure to remove empty OUs

Kaseya Certified
Set Account Lockout Th...

sets the lockout date threshold for accs

Kaseya Certified
Set Screen Lock Timeou...

procedure to set screen lock timeout

Kaseya Certified
Gather Timezone Inform...

gather timezone info to getfiledir

Kaseya Certified
Gather Screen Lock Set...

get screen lock settings to getfile dir

Kaseya Certified
Gather System Error Lo...

gathers logs to getfile dir

Kaseya Certified
Gather Power Settings ...

procedure to gather power setting data

Kaseya Certified
Gather All Local Admin...

procedure that pulls local admins to VSA

Kaseya Certified
Silently Install Bitde...

procedure to silently install BEST

Kaseya Certified
Set Adobe Reader to De...

sets adobe reader to default on endpoint

Kaseya Certified
Gather Agent Timezone ...

gets the tz offset into a custom field

Kaseya Certified
Enforce Password Policy

sets password policy settings on agent

Kaseya Certified
Remove Kaseya Agent In...

Kaseya Agent Install Package Cleanup

IT Toolkit: File-Level...

solution for the ITK Solution

Kaseya Certified
Clear Cached Credentials

clears cached credentials from endpoint

Kaseya Certified
RDP History Cleanup

removes RDP History from endpoint

Kaseya Certified
Check Missing Windows ...

Get missing Windows Updates

Kaseya Certified
Empty the Recycle Bin

empties the recycle bin.

Kaseya Certified
IT Toolkit - Monitor L...

monitors for logins on windows computers

Kaseya Certified
Procedure Audit - Syst...

ask user to reboot based on systm uptime

Office Activation Chec...

checks activation status of office

Kaseya Certified
Create System Restore ...

Create System Restore point

IT Toolkit - Monitor K...

alerts when klc/krc is initiated

Kaseya Certified
Monitoring driver issues

Monitor driver issues in DeviceManager

Advance Disk Monitorin...

Advance Disk Monitoring in Kaseya VSA

Office 365 Suite for D...

Office 365 Deploy, Update, Repair

Audit Monitor Name (Ma...

Script to get Monitor Manuf and Model

Dell Command | Update ...

Dell Command | Update Windows 10 app

Export Google Chrome H...

exports google chrome history into vsa

Kaseya Certified
Activate Windows

activates windows with license

Kaseya Certified
Hide Kaseya From Start...

hides kaseya folder from start menu

Kaseya Certified
OpenVPN Installer

installs OpenVPN on Windows 10

Kaseya Certified
CPM 1.0

Chocolatey Adv Package Manager & Reports

Install Network Glue C...

Install Network Glue Collector

iDrive Installer/Unins...

Allows management of iDrive Installation

Kaseya Certified
VSA SQL DB Uptime and ...

On-Prem Solution For Collecting SQL Data

Kaseya Certified
IT Toolkit: Automating...

Automate Management of Notepad++

Kaseya Certified
ZeroLogon Registry Check

Check Registry For ZeroLogon Vuln Status

Kaseya Certified
ZeroLogon Detection Sc...

ZeroLogon Exploit Vulnerability Check

Kaseya Certified
Windows 10 Performance...

Writes Win10 Performance Data to VSA

Kaseya Certified
Adding the -remote tag...

Adding the -remote tag for KaUsrtsk.exe

Install Microsoft Teams

installs microsoft teams

Kaseya Certified
Monitor Open Ports

Monitor ports 3389, 80, and 443

Kaseya Certified
AD Recycle Bin Status ...

Checks status, records to custom fields.

Full base monitoring a...

Automated server base monitoring.

Execute SSH Commands w...

Composer Contest Entry for Bercell IT

System time is off by ...

Checks Whether System Clock is Off

Kaseya Certified
Clear domain Cached Cr...

Clear cached Credentials the reboot.

Disable\Enable Windows...

Script to enable or disable PC camera

Monitor or Audit Azure...

Script to collect Azure AD UpgradeStatus

Monitoring M365 Azure ...

Check if Azure AD Sync Status is Healthy

Audit or Monitor Shoda...

Script to Audit or Monitor Shodan Vuln

Audit and Collect Mon...

Script to collect monitor serial numbers

Kaseya Certified
Dell Command Update 3.1.2

Update Dell drivers and BIOS

Windows 10 Bloatware (...

Uninstall Win 10 Pre-Installed Bloatware

USB Storage Exclusion ...

Identify USB Storage For Alarm Exclusion

Kaseya Certified
Get Agent Type (Produc...

Agent Procedure, Script, Audit

TPM Activated, Enabled...

Window's Trusted Platform Module Checks

Kaseya Certified
Microsoft Windows Dis...

Disk Cleanup Agent Procedure

Kaseya Certified
Get SnagIt License

Pulls Snagit License Into GetFiles Dir

Kaseya Certified
CBS Log cleanup script...

Clean the CBS logs and cab files

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall Microsoft Teams

This is a script to uninstall MS Teams

Kaseya Certified
SIGRed Exploit CVE-202...

Identify SIGRred-vulnerable DNS servers

Security - Windows - C...

Agent Procedure, CVE-2020-1350

KCB Cleanup Script

Kaseya Cloud Backup Cleanup Script

Kaseya Certified

This is a script to uninstall TeamViewer

Kaseya Certified
Open Shell Installer

Open Shell Installer

Kaseya Certified

LogMeIn Uninstall Script

Kaseya Certified
Server Health Check Re...

Server Health Check Report

Kaseya Certified
Deploys Ninite

Deploys Ninite

Ninja RMM uninstaller

Ninja RMM uninstaller - Agent procedure

Kaseya Certified
Classic Shell Installer

Classic Shell Installer

Kaseya Certified
Windows Defender Threa...

List and Report Threats From Defender

Kaseya Certified
Kaseya Work from Home ...

Kaseya Work from Home Content Pack

Kaseya Certified
Endpoint Location

Geophysical locations

Kaseya Certified
Software Management Be...

Patching with Software Management

Kaseya Certified
Install AppX package

Install AppX packages from the Store

Pending Reboot Check

Check if Windows requires a reboot.

Kaseya Certified
Solarwinds Backup - Fu...

Solarwinds Backup Server and Workstation

Solarwinds Backup - Do...

Solarwinds Backup - Documents procedure

Uninstall Win10 Softwa...

Remove an MSI installed program by name

Network Level Authenti...

Get the status of NLA on endpoints.

Kaseya Certified
Deploy Kaseya agent fr...

Migrate your Continuum agents to Kaseya

Kaseya Unified Backup ...

Agent Install Procedure

Kaseya Certified
Paste Passwords in Kas...

Paste Passwords in KRC (Updated Q2 2020)

Kaseya Certified
Mac OS Clear Chrome Cache

Mac OS Chrome Cache

Mac OS Install Chrome

Mac OS Chrome Install

Map Network Drive

Maps network drive for current user

Session Report Procedure

Terminal session operational log report

Kaseya Certified
Windows System Uptime

See the number of days an endpoint is up

Kaseya Certified
Disable automatic sign...

Sets registry key.

Upgrade Windows 7 to W...

Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

New Microsoft Edge bro...

Install silently the new Edge browser

Remove all free versio...

Remove free panda cloud AV and firewall

Windows 10 Featurepack...

Upgrades to the latest Windows 10 build

Windows Firewall Status

Find the status of the Windows firewall

Kaseya Certified
Windows Power Plan Con...

Configure Windows Power Plan Settings

Kaseya Certified
Windows 7 ESU Activation

Win7 Extended Security Update

Windows 10 Feature Update

Upgrade Win 10 to the latest version

Kaseya Certified
Windows 10 Driver Upda...

Install drivers from the Windows catalog

Kaseya Certified
Duo Windows/RDP Authen...

Deploys the Duo Windows authentication.

Get Fixed-Disk Health

Get accurate disk health status with WMI

Send online alert to w...

Send a notification to Teams


Create SQL Trusted ODBC in System DSN

Get Disk Drive Type

Get the media type of drive (SSD/HDD)

Get Disk Drive Model

Get the complete model of disk drive

Clear Active User Down...

Clears the Active User Downloads Folder

Join/Quit Windows Domain

Add or remove any endpoints to a domain

Kaseya Certified
Block Mac OS Catalina ...

Allow or Block the latest Mac OS

Kaseya Certified
Windows 10 Power Options

Windows 10 Power Options

Cisco Umbrella (OpenDN...

Run Support Tool without Connecting

DELL Computer Drivers ...

Automate DELL Drivers on Dell Computers

Lenovo Warranty Lookup

Lookup Warranty and Ship Date for Lenovo

HP Computer Drivers Up...

Automate update of HP computer drivers

BitLocker Detection an...

Detect encrypted drives and get the key

Kaseya Certified
Windows 10 Release Number

Get the Windows 10 release number

Kaseya Certified
Windows 10 update to l...

Windows 10 update to latest version

Windows System Stabili...

Find out the stability of a Windows box

Kaseya Certified
Detect HDD or SSD plus...

Drive type detection and drive health.

Kaseya Certified
Lenovo ThinkPad - Set ...

Extend battery life.

Battery Report

Sends over a battery report from agent

Dell Command | Update,...

Update Drivers, Firmware, Applications

Get Windows Version Nu...

Get full Windows version number in field

Get BIOS Date

Get the BIOS release date from agent

Get BIOS Version

Get the BIOS version from agent

Get Windows Build Number

Get full Windows build number in field

Get TPM version

Get TPM version in a custom field

Check SecureBoot

Check secureboot to custom field

Remotely Uninstall Pul...

Pulseway Agent

Kaseya Certified
Enabling Registry back...

Enabling Registry backups in Windows 10

Kaseya Certified
Firefox - Install

Firefox Install

Disable Windows 10 Fas...

Disable Fast Startup with a registry key

Disable Local Display ...

Temp fix for issues on headless boxes.

Temporary KRC Private ...

Temporarily Disable NLA and Enable RDP

Windows 10 Upgrade Tool

Upgrade to target build of Windows 10

Enable Network Level A...

Enable Network Level Authentication

Windows - Enable Audit...

Enable key Security logging on endpoints

Kaseya Certified
Kaseya Unified Backup ...

Unitrends Backup Agent Update

Kaseya Certified
HP 2019 Battery Recall

Check HP 2019 Battery Recall Status

Remove AVG

Remove software - AVG silent uninstall

Agent GeoIP Location

GeoIP Location

Navisworks Freedom Dow...

Downloads/Installs Navisworks Freedom

DWG Trueview Download/...

Downloads and Installs DWG Trueview

Disable AutoComplete/P...

Disable AutoComplete/Password for IE

Kaseya Certified
Grammarly extension

Add Grammarly extension to chrome

Kaseya Certified
Kaseya Connect Local 2...

Shared content from our local events

Kaseya Certified
Computer Wi-Fi Check &...

Computer Wi-Fi Check & Policy

Kaseya Certified
RapidFire NDCDC deploy...

Deploy NDCDC (Non Domain)

CSB Log/CAB File Fix

Delete large CBS.log and CAB files

Check Intel CPU Temper...

Get Temp in C for Intel CPUs

WLAN Report

Gather WLAN connectivity information

Enable Private Remote ...

Allow RDP access to any Pro/Ent system

Rename Win PC

renames the agent computer name

Kaseya Certified
Windows 10 October 201...

Upgrade Win 10 to October 2018 (1809)

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall Malware Bytes

Silent uninstalation of Malware Bytes

Kaseya Certified
Sophos Tablet Fix

Sophos Update Tablet PC Fix - 64bit

Kaseya EMEA Connect 20...

EMEA Connect 2018 script examples.

Kaseya Certified
Hide Folder

Set windows folder to hidden

Kaseya Certified
Ccleaner installation ...

Helps installing the CCleaner silently

Kaseya Certified
Patch - Fix Basic Issue

Step 1 - Patch Failure Troubleshooting

Agent Procedure Step S...

SQL to find Agent Procedure Step(s)

Logoff Specific User -...

Logoff User disconnected or idle 15+ Min

CPU and memory

CPU and memory detailed information

Kaseya Certified
Cleanup User Profiles

Delete all old user profiles

Kaseya Certified
Windows 10 OS Version ...

Windows 10 OS Version (Pro or Home)

Kaseya Certified
Kaseya Technical Succe...

Identify Server role(s) for Automation.

Kaseya Certified
Hardware Monitoring Pack

Event sets, views and policies about HW

Kaseya Certified
Ultimate Meltdown & Sp...

Detailed info on Meltdown & Spectre

Remove Office 2010 Pro...

Remove Office 2010 Products

Agent Procedure - Dela...

Delays Win1803 upgrade via reg changes

Reset Winsock

Agent procedure to reset Winsock

Kaseya Certified
SMB2 Management

Enable/Disable SMB2

Kaseya Certified
Screen Saver Management

Manage Screen Saver settings

Kaseya Certified
Rename Kaseya Agent Se...

Change Kaseya Services display names

Kaseya Certified
Bios Information

Show Bios info in custom fields

Kaseya Certified
Security Audit Report

Report on relevant security information

Kaseya Certified
Registry Keys Management

Create or Delete any Registry Key/Value

Kaseya Certified
Collect Local Users Info

Get list of local users on Windows

Kaseya Certified
Reset Local Administra...

Change the local administrator password

Kaseya Certified
Local User Management

Create, Delete or Modify local users.

Kaseya Certified
Secure Protocol Manage...

Enable or Disable SSL or TLS on Windows

Kaseya Certified
Chocolatey Package Man...

Install programs with Chocolatey

SMART Disk Check 2.0

SMART Disk Check 2.0

Download a file

Downloads a file to C:\temp

Install Google Chrome ...

Install Google Chrome Silently

Deploy Dell Command Up...

Deploy Dell Command Update

Install Logmein Silently

Install Logmein Silently

Enable Bitlocker

Enable bitlocker and save the key

Get Bitlocker Status a...

Bitlocker Status & Key Retrieval

Agent Procedures Examples

Agent procedures examples used in a POC

Kaseya Certified
Stolen Laptop Script Pack

Pack of script to monitor stolen laptop

Kaseya Certified
Zoom Installer

Install zoom on Windows endpoints

Kaseya Certified
Windows 10 Spring Crea...

Upgrade to Spring Creators Update

Kaseya Certified
Dell Warranty Lookup

Lookup Dell Ship and Warranty dates

Test if CurrentUser ha...

Is currentUser a Local Administrator

Kaseya Certified
Stun Server Test

Test connection to stun server

Kaseya Certified
Check Windows KB Status

Check for the presence of a specific KB

Kaseya Certified
File Finder

Search for any file on the endpoint

Kaseya Certified
Microsoft January Patc...

Create Reg Key for January patches

Kaseya Certified
TCP/UDP Port Check

Check port status via Powershell

Kaseya Certified
Meltdown Server Protec...

Create keys to enable server protection

Kaseya Certified
Check Powershell Version

Update custom field with PS version

Kaseya Certified
Windows workstation Me...

Meltdown, workstation

Set RegKey for KB4056892

KB4056892 RegKey Fix

Kaseya Certified
Meltdown Registry Key ...

Meltdown AV registry key force patch

Kaseya Certified
Active Directory Audit

Audit Users and Computers from AD

Kaseya Certified
Hyper V Management

Manage Hyper V VMs via Agent Procedures

Kaseya Certified
Time Server Sync Manag...

Manage Time Servers for Windows Endpoint

Kaseya Certified
Schedule Reboot via Ta...

Schedules a reboot via Task Scheduler

Windows Firewall Manag...

Enable or Disable Windows Firewall

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall Windows Update

Enter the KB number and uninstall any KB

Kaseya Certified
Install KB4058043

Windows 10 only

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall Office 365 w...

O15CTRRemove.diagcab uninstall tool

Install Google Drive F...

Install Google Drive File Stream

Create Web Desktop Sho...

Create a web shortcut for all users

Cloud Backup (Acronis)...

Removes all Acronis software and reboots

Ticket closed surveys ...

For use with Customer Thermometer

Kaseya Certified
Set Internet Explorer ...

Change default browser to I Explorer

Kaseya Certified
Set Google Chrome as D...

Change default browser to Chrome

Kaseya Certified
Office 365 Click-to-Ru...

Display Office 365 Click-to-Run Build

Windows 10 Release Audit

Windows 10 Release Audit

Intel SA 00086 Vulnera...

Scan Endpoint for Intel SA 00086

Kaseya Certified
Mac OSX Update

Update Mac OS via Agent Procedure

Kaseya Certified
Mac OSX High Sierra Ro...

Disable Root User on Mac OSX

Kaseya Certified
ESXI Snapshot Management

Create/Delete VM Snapshots on ESXI

Kaseya Certified
Cleanup Agent Working ...

Delete content of kworking folder

Kaseya Certified
Windows 10 Fall Creato...

Upgrade Windows 10 to Creators Update

Kaseya Certified
Allow/Block Windows 10...

Manage Windows 10 Upgrade to 1709

Kaseya Certified
Slack Installer

Install Slack silently on a machine.

Krack Exploit

Check for WPA Vulnerability on Windows

Kaseya Certified
Office 365 Installer

Install any Office 365 product silently

noPetya vaccination pr...

noPetya vaccination procedure

Passly Windows Logon P...

Easily deploy Passly Windows Logon

Kaseya Certified
Install Microsoft Visu...

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 deployment

Kaseya Certified
Time Machine Management

Manage Mac Time Machine Backups

Kaseya Certified
Cleanup Temp Folder

Cleanup C:\Windows\Temp folder

Kaseya Certified
Bad Rabbit Vaccine

Vaccine to protect against Bad Rabbit

Kaseya Certified
Cleanup KSDU Directory...

Deletes temp KSDU files on endpoint

Kaseya Certified
Create New Mac User Ac...

New user account (admin or not) on mac

Kaseya Certified
User Account Control (...

Backup/Restore/Enable/Disable UAC

Kaseya Certified
Install Flash Player

Download and Install Flash Player

Kaseya Certified
Internet Explorer Whit...

Prevent acess to non whitelisted website

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall AVG

Script to uninstall AVG Antivirus

Kaseya Certified
Install Agent to New M...

Install agent on a targeted IP address

Kaseya Certified
Outlook Version Audit

Audit the installed version of Outlook

Kaseya VSA Patch Pre-L...

Patch PreLoader, Patch Downloader

Kaseya Certified
Enable Auto Login

Enables Auto Login on Windows

Kaseya Certified
Windows 10 Creators Up...

Upgrade Windows 10 to Creators Update

Kaseya Certified
Cleanup %Temp% Folder

Cleanup %temp% folders for all users

Kaseya Certified
Install Powershell 4.0

Update Powershell to Powershell 4.0

Kaseya Certified
Kaseya Icon in Remote ...

Show Kaseya icon in a RDP session

Kaseya Live Connect Ad...

Automate Live Connect admin updates

Silently install Ring ...

Silently install Ring Central apps

Pacman for all

Installs Pacman

Windows 10 Creators Up...

Upgrade Windows 10 to Creators Update

Kaseya Certified
Gather and decode Wind...

Gather WindowsUpdate.Log on Windows 10

Global Variables per User

Store global variables between scripts

Check and Disable SMB1...

Procedures to check and disable SMB1

Kaseya Certified
AD Group Membership Audit

Script to audit Group Membership in AD

Install Printer

Install Printer via Powershell

Kaseya Certified
Cleanup Collector Sets

Delete all User Defined Collector Sets

Kaseya Certified
Update Legacy Windows

Update Legacy Windows to KB4012598

Kaseya Certified
Backup KAM Logs

Backup Malwayre Bytes Log Files

Kaseya Certified
Decrypt Wanna Cry

Decrypt Wanna Cry using Wanna Kiwi

Kaseya Certified
WannaCry Test and Patch

MS17-010 procedure mod and patches

Identifying and Report...

Report Machines Vulnerable to Wanna Cry

Kaseya Certified
Upstream Power Pack

The vitamin pill for your IT Automation

Install Powershell 5.0

Update Powershell to Powershell 5.0

Kaseya Certified
KRC to Safe mode

Script to reboot to Safe mode and KRC.

Kaseya Certified
Detecting HP Laptops w...

Conexant Keylogging Detection Script

OpenDNS - Automated U...

Modified for automatic mass deployment

View Weekly Browsing H...

Copies browsing history and emails html

Computer Lockout (Mac)

Locks computer after 15 minutes idle

Kaseya Certified
Traverse DGE-X Scripte...

Agent procedure to upgrade DGE-Xs

Kaseya Certified
Install Internet Explo...

Install / Update Internet Explorer to 11

Kaseya Certified
Uninstal N-Able Agent ...

Uninstal N-Able Agent Version 12

Kaseya Certified
Uninstal N-Able Agent ...

Uninstal N-Able Agent Version 10

Kaseya Certified
Replace hosts file

Procedure and batch file replaces hosts.

Chrome Profile Cleanup

Cleanup chrome user profiles and cache

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall AutoTask Cen...

Procedure to Uninstall CenterStage Agent

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall N-Central AV...

Uninstall N-Central AV Defender

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall Microsoft SC...

Procedure to Uninstall SCCM Agent

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall ManageEngin...

Uninstall ManageEngine DC Agent

Kaseya Certified
Un-Installing Atera Agent

Procedure to Uninstall the ATERA Agent

Kaseya Certified
Un-Installing Auvik Agent

Procedure to Uninstall the Auvik Agent

Kaseya Certified
GFI LanGuard Agent Uni...

Applies to Versions 2012, 2014 and 2015

Kaseya Certified
GFI LanGuard 12 Agent...

Script to Uninstall LanGuard 12 Agent

Kaseya Certified
GFI LanGuard 11 Agent ...

Script to Uninstall LanGuard 11 Agent

Kaseya Certified
Install Live Connect

Install Live Connect on Windows Endpoint

Kaseya Certified
Patch Scan Failure alert

Patch Scan Failure alerting

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall Labtech

Uninstall Labtech agent on Endpoint

Kaseya Certified
KAV - Kaspersky's late...

Kaspersky GSI report 6.2

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall Program

Uninstall Windows Program

Kaseya Certified
Terminate Process

Terminate any Windows Process

Kaseya Certified
Disable Windows 10 Ads

Disable Windows 10 Ads Notifications

Kaseya Certified
Restart Service

Restart any Windows service

Kaseya Certified
Stop Service

Stop any Windows service

Kaseya Certified
Cleanup GetFiles Folders

Deletes old files in GetFiles folders

Kaseya Certified
Reset Local Users Pass...

Force local users to change password

Kaseya Certified
Computer Description

Add computer description in custom field

Kaseya Certified
Rename Computer with M...

Rename Computer with its Mac Address

Kaseya Certified
Archive Folder Content

Zip and Upload the content of a folder

Kaseya Certified
.Net Version

Save .Net Version in a Custom Field

Kaseya Certified
File Cleanup

Scan path and delete all oversize files

Kaseya Certified
Personally Identifiabl...

Scan Endpoints for SSN and CC Numbers

Kaseya Certified
Kaseya Agent Restart

Restart Kaseya Agent & Endpoint Services

Audit Login and Passwo...

Agent procedure to audit client policies

Agent Status Count for...

See if your agents are active, idle, etc

Patch Management

Patch Process time tracking Procedure.

Encrypt folder as agen...

Encrypt folder as agent credentials

Windows product Key up...

Solve the BBBB-BBBB-etc in license audit

CPU Temperature

CPU Temperature Windows

Set NTP Time AP

Script to set NTP time.

Disable Device Driver ...

Disable Device Driver Signing Win 7

Report on Top 25 Folders

Find Top 25 Folders in Directory\Drive

Uninstall Teamviewer

Automatically uninstall Teamviewer

Kaseya Certified
Delete Chrome cookies

Agent procedure to delete chrome cookies

Clear & Backup Windows...

Clear & Backup Windows Event Logs

Uninstall Visio 2007

Uninstall Visio 2007

Block any website

Procedure to block any website

SQL Backup to Fileshare

SQL, Backup, Fileshare, MS SQL, Email,

Enable Secondary logon

Enable local system logon when no DC

Repair Windows Perfmon...

Repair Windows Perfmon Win2008 & 2008 R2

Transfer Files from a ...

Transfer Files from Directory to Kserver

VSA Procedure Document...

Powerful Automation for Documentation

CentOS patching instal...

Install all updates CentOS

Audit - Return Matchin...

Searches Services

IP Address Change

Monitors the Connection Gateway

Kaseya Certified
Get Public IP Address

Returns agent's public geo IP location

VNC install for Mac

VNC install for Mac machine for Linux RC

Disk Inventory for Mac

Disk Inventory install for Mac.

Turn Windows Firewall ON

Turn on the Windows Firewall and Logging

Audit - Returns curren...

Returns current printers

Audit - Return Matchin...

Search Installed Applications

Uinstall Autotask Agen...

Automatic Uninstall from AEM Agent

Host File - Add Entry

Adds an entry to the host file.

Procedure to Install A...

Procedure to Install Adobe DC on a Mac

Install Skype for Mac

Install Skype PKG from present DMG

Dell Warranty Extractor

Dell Warranty Extractor

Find Newest (Log?) Fil...

What is the name of the newest file?

Rename Win Computer vi...

Rename a machine without logging in!

Firefox Installer Windows

Firefox Installer for Windows

Install AWS CLI - Linux

Installs the AWS CLI on Linux (Ubuntu)

RMM Suite for Kaseya VSA

An Automation Powerhouse for VSA

Kaseya Certified
Remove Windows 10 non ...

Remove Windows 10 Non productivity Apps

Kaseya Certified
Windows OS Language

Windows OS language to Display in VSA

Agent procedure for Cisco

Agent procedure for Cisco firewall

VLC Player install

VLC Player install for windows 64bit

Quicktime Uninstall Sc...

Remove Quicktime from Win 7 and Vista

Schedule Network Detec...

Schedule ND to run automatically

Multi-Tool for Service...

An Automation Powerhouse

Disable Office 365 Aut...

Regedit for Disabling Autoupgrade

Install/Update JAVA

Java Javascript SDK

Check popup blocker

check popup blocker

Server 2012 Add DNS fo...

Adds DNS forwarders on DNS Server

Procedure to Install O...

Install OpenDNS on OS X

Uninstall Program from...

Will uninstall most programs

Install Chocolatey

Installs Chocolatey on an End Point

Active Directory DCiag...

Email a DCDiag Report

Disable Control panel

Disable Control panel

Service Pack Block

Blocks a Specific Service Pack

Windows Genuine Advant...

Windows Genuine Advantage Deploy

Repairs Offline Folde...

Repairs Offline Folders in Windows

Repair Permissions on ...

Repair Permissions on Windows Devices

Removes Kaseya from St...

Removes Kaseya from Start Menu

Set a Custom IE Defaul...

Set a Custom IE Default Home Page

Procedure to Install O...

Procedure to Install OpenDNS

Enable Windows System ...

Enable Windows System Restore

Disable System Restore

Disable Windows System Restore

Disable Remote Mgmt DN...

Disable Remote Mgmt DNS Servers

Check Internet Explore...

Check Internet Explorer Version

Disable/Enable Interne...

Prevent users from changing IE settings

PSExec Tools

PSExec Tools

SysInternals Suite

SysInternals Tools

Detect CryptoLocker on...

Proactive Detection Before Execution

Delete Temp Ninite Files

Delete Temp Ninite Files from Devices

MAC cleaning script

Runs Built in Utilities to Clean System

Change Kaseya Tray Icon

Change Kaseya Tray Icon

Customize K-Agent Serv...

Customize K-Agent Service Name

Open 5271 Outbound for...

Procedure, Linux K Port Open

Prevent Windows 10 Upg...

Prevent Windows 10 Upgrade

Get Agent Local Time

Pull Agent's local time directly from DB

Multi Monitor Screenshot

Multi Monitor Screenshot Agent Procedure

Veeam Endpoint Backup ...

Automatic install of Veeam Endpoint B\UP

Pushbullet Notifications

Pushbullet Notification from CMD line

Deploy Notepad++

Notepad++ Seploy Script

Traverse Backup script

Traverse Backup Agent Procedure

Google Chrome install ...

Google Chrome install Linux

KeRanger Malware Test OSx

Malware test for Transmission client

Open Office Install OSx

Open Office Install OSx

Python 3.0 installer W...

Python 3.0 installer for 64 bit Windows

7 Zip Application inst...

7 Zip Application installer - Web Dl

Windirstat installer

Windirstat installer web application

Python 3.0 installer MAC

Python 3.0 installer for OS X

Spybot install

Spybot installer from the internet

Kaseya Certified
Restrict Powershell Sc...

Restrict or enable Powershell execution

Kaseya Certified
Putty Deploy

Deploy Putty SSH and Desktop Shortcut

Kaseya Certified
Authanvil Backup script

Backup Authanvil via Agent Procedure.

Kaseya Certified
Clear CBS Logs (Powers...

Clear CBS Logs before eat all HDD space.

Kaseya Certified
UAC Control

UAC Control Agent Procedure

Kaseya Certified
Update Acrobat Reader DC

Silently updates Acrobat Reader DC

Kaseya Certified
Uninstall Acrobat Read...

Silently uninstalls Acrobat Reader DC

Install Acrobat Reader DC

Silently installs Acrobat Reader DC

View USB Devices

See all attached USB devices!

View Browser History

What have you been browsing lately?

Measure Agent Procedur...

How long to upload and download a file?

Alert Desk Template

Have all your alerts in one place!

Agent Functions

String, file and date manipulation

Ping IP Address

Ping IP Address and get result

Get Task List

Get Task List

Get Admin list Send mail

Get Admin list Send mail

Get file modified details

Get file modified details

Service Stopped Status...

Service Stopped Status (PS)

Get Application List (PS)

Get Application List (PS)

Check Disk C-Drive (Re...

Check Disk C-Drive (Read-Only Mode-PS)

Server Health Check Re...

Server Health Check Report (PS)

Kaseya Certified
Get TeamViewer Version...

Get TeamViewer Version and ID

MSP Assist Ticket Mana...

Reduce ticket clutter & time wastage

TAP Partner
Skype Install

Skype Install

Windows C Drive Defrag

Windows C drive defragmentation

Kill IE Firefox and Ch...

Procedure to Kill IE Firefox & Chrome

Enabling Telnet Servic...

Agent Procedure