SQL Query to Truncate ...

Truncates SQL logs

Uninstall Labtech

Uninstall Labtech agent on Endpoint

Kaseya Certified
MSP Assist Ticket Mana...

Reduce ticket clutter & time wastage

TAP Partner
SQL: Delete Duplicate ...

Delete Dupl. Audit Application Records

Backup KAM Logs

Backup Malwayre Bytes Log Files

Kaseya Certified
SQL Query for Highest ...

Retrieves a list Highest Count Events

Powershell for Kaseya ...

Everything is better with Powershell!

SQL: Change An AGENTGU...


Kaseya Live Connect Ad...

Automate Live Connect admin updates

RMM Suite for Kaseya VSA

Service Desk Automation Powerhouse

Kaseya Certified
Patch Management

Patch Process time tracking Procedure.

Traverse DGE-X Scripte...

Agent procedure to upgrade DGE-Xs

Kaseya Certified
Install Live Connect

Install Live Connect on Windows Endpoint

Kaseya Certified
Find Duplicate Agents

SQL query to find duplicate agents

VSA Procedure Document...

Service Desk Automation Powerhouse

Kaseya Agent Restart

Restart Kaseya Agent & Endpoint Services

Update Legacy Windows

Update Legacy Windows to KB4012598

Kaseya Certified
Personally Identifiabl...

Scan Endpoints for SSN and CC Numbers

Kaseya Certified
WannaCry Test and Patch

MS17-010 procedure mod and patches

Computer Lockout (Mac)

Locks computer after 15 minutes idle

Kaseya Certified
Chrome Profile Cleanup

Cleanup chrome user profiles and cache

Kaseya Certified
Computer Lockout (Wind...

Locks computer after 15 minutes idle

Kaseya Certified
Hello Kaseya API

Run Agent Procedures from anywhere!

Decrypt Wanna Cry

Decrypt Wanna Cry using Wanna Kiwi

Kaseya Certified
Install Printer

Install Printer via Powershell

Kaseya Certified
SQL Backup to Fileshare

SQL, Backup, Fileshare, MS SQL, Email,

Install Internet Explo...

Install / Update Internet Explorer to 11

Kaseya Certified
Update Powershell

Update Powershell to Powershell 5.0

Kaseya Certified
Upstream Kaseya Power ...

Keep calm and Automate!

Agent Status Count for...

See if your agents are active, idle, etc

Global Variables per User

Store global variables between scripts

Cleanup Collector Sets

Delete all User Defined Collector Sets

Kaseya Certified
Check and Disable SMB1...

Procedures to check and disable SMB1

Kaseya Certified
Windows 10 Creators Up...

Upgrade Windows 10 to Creators Update

Kaseya Certified