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Workstation Uptime Reboot

reboots if pc has been up for 7+ days


This monitor set reads the “System Up time” performance counter – once the counter goes above 604800 seconds(7 days), a procedure is triggered as a response. This procedure has a simple workflow of checking user status, if logged in they will be notified and asked to reboot, if not logged in a reboot will be automatically performed. Whichever workflow occurs the step will be logged for reporting purposes. If the user delays or selects no, the procedure will run itself every 30 minutes until the reboot has occurred. Additional alarms will be ignored for 7 days as a cool down to avoid double scheduling from the monitor set.

  • Name: Kaseya Automation Team
  • Company: Kaseya
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  • Workstation Uptime Reboot
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  • Initially Released April 5th, 2021
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    Gravatar for Jack Senesap
    Jack Senesap 7 days ago

    Not importing into my VSA for some reason.