Multi-Tool for Service Desk & Agent Procedures

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Updated May, 2019! The Multi-Tool adds over 60 functions to enhance your Service Desk procedures, and now can be used for advanced agent procedures as well. Double-precision math and comparison functions improve accuracy of tasks involving counts or calculations; String functions allow you to slice and dice text strings, split delimited strings and return a specific field, handle ASCII character conversions, and even perform software version string comparisons. Basic logic capabilities - And, OR, and Not, are augmented by a function that converts common text strings like "Yes", "True", or "On" to Boolean True/False values. Network functions return NSLookup data and perform InSubnet calculations. A wide assortment of Time/Date functions deliver data (time, date, timestamp, weekday name or number, Julian day, date parts) and perform several types of time conversion and calculation capabilities, including "In Time Range" and "Is Weekend".
Using this tool in our Kaseya 9.x platform has allowed us to develop SD automation that has helped reduce unwanted alerts. The time and string functions have allowed us to selectively ignore certain alarms, like performance alerts, during certain times when we expect the system to be heavily loaded.
The Multi-Tool costs just $299 US and includes a comprehensive Reference Guide.
The live product can be downloaded from our web site and will run in evaluation mode on your Kaseya server with 5 functions available for testing, and runs unrestricted from a command line on your PC to verify the input/output data of all of the 60+ functions.
Upgrades are a snap - as new functionality is added, simply download the latest release from our site and replace the old files with the new, with no outage or interruption of SD processing.

  • Name: Glenn Barnas
  • Company: MSP Builder
  • Website: https://www.mspbuilder.com
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  • Multi-Tool for Service Desk & Agent Procedures
  • Version: 2.0
  • Initially Released July 12th, 2016
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