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Quicktime Uninstall Script

Remove Quicktime from Win 7 and Vista


This Agent Procedure is designed to remove Quicktime 7.7.9 from either Vista or Windows 7 64 bit Operating Systems via GUID. Later Windows Operating systems support the Quicktime features natively.

Through a combination of Apple stopping support for Quicktime on Windows and the announcement of security vulnerabilities (bit.ly/QTVul) many MSP's are uninstalling Quicktime.

This script will work with earlier versions of Quicktime and will only need the GUID changed once the correct string is identified in the audit module.

  • Name: Craig Allen
  • Company: Kaseya
  • Website: http://www.kaseya.com
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  • Quicktime Uninstall Script
  • Initially Released July 28th, 2016
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