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VLC Player install

VLC Player install for windows 64bit


Agent Procedure to automatically download VLC from the internet and deploy to the Windows system - 64 bit only. The version in the script is 2.2.24 at this writing

The AP will also check the OS for compliant 64 bit offering and if a 32 bit OS is found can send an email to the admin with an error notification.

  • Name: Craig Allen
  • Company: Kaseya
  • Website: http://www.kaseya.com
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  • VLC Player install
  • Initially Released August 3rd, 2016
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    Gravatar for David Personette
    by David Personette on October 18th, 2018

    This worked great. Only reason for a 4 vs 5 is that is set for a specific version of VLC. I was able to take what was here and with about 30 minutes of research and testing get the latest version to be downloaded and installed. However while this might not be possible as I have not looked into it but would be nice if it could automatically do a check for latest version and download that. Like I said I have a viable fix for the latest current version and steps to update going forward as easy but my wishlist for install AP;s is either prompt for what version when requestion an app install or have it grab latest. Something like adobe Reader if a new install then I am getting latest version 99% of the time. So if AP's could have the logic to poll available version and generate a list of version to choose to install or by default grab latest version with options to hard code a specific version number in the AP. Overall great AP and was easy to figure out what was needed to update to that latest VLC version. We also tried to add a part that would default MOV files to use VLC as Windows 10 default player was not working on some MOV based on Kodec. We got it to at least where it would prompt the user on next run of MOV and VLC would be top choice. So workaround was provide Client on how to check box to make default and choose VLC as default player. If you have any good AP's on changing Default programs based on file extension I would love to see it. Otherwise I will post if I figure that piece out though workaround with steps for users currently is working great for this client so that piece has become a lower priority.

    Gravatar for Jal
    Jal over 2 years ago

    Worked well :)

    Gravatar for Jal
    Jal over 2 years ago

    just wish it would update what was all ready installed but i suppose it could be done by removing current version first.

    Gravatar for David Personette
    David Personette over 2 years ago

    Worked great for me.  Also based on the URL I was able to find the latest version and get the AP updated to download the current latest release.  So thanks for putting in all the upfront work.