RMM Suite for Kaseya VSA

Service Desk Automation Powerhouse


The RMM Suite jumpstarts your Kaseya VSA platform, allowing you to immediately leverage its power while reducing unnecessary alerts!
Agent Procedures to automate hundreds of common tasks;
Baseline configurations for KAV & KAM;
Templates for Network Monitor for performance and operational Availability monitoring;
A set of Patch Policies to simplify patch management;
Dozens of optimized monitor sets, including “Smart Monitors” that help to reduce alerts by adjusting to agent conditions, auto-remediating certain conditions, and suppressing transient conditions;
A large collection of Views and System Policies combine to automate the deployment of monitors, update and patch schedules, and many other time-consuming agent management tasks;
A fully automated service desk processes every alert and incoming email, removing unnecessary events and firing remediation procedures where available;
An optional System Maintenance package provides autonomous operation of regular maintenance tasks, with full reporting back to Kaseya when conditions warrant. A User Interface reports the operational status, recent tasks performed, and provides an MSP-Branded interface for user communication;
Interfaces to any PSA with consistent, machine-readable headers for accurate ticket routing;

  • Name: Glenn Barnas
  • Company: MSP Builder
  • Website: http://www.mspbuilder.com
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  • RMM Suite for Kaseya VSA
  • Released on August 18th, 2016
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    Gravatar for Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson about 1 year ago

    Has anyone deployed or evaluated this toolset? What's your experience been?

    Gravatar for Glenn Barnas
    Glenn Barnas about 1 year ago

    Scott, The RMM Suite has been in use for just over 1 year at Baroan Technologies (www.baroan.com, deployed July 2015) before we made it available for sale this past August. We currently have two other customer implementations in progress. You can contact either Mike (Dispatch Manager) or Dimitri (VP) at Baroan through the contact page on their web site for feedback on the RMM Suite. We have a VSA 9.3 server available with the full suite deployed, where we can provide MSPs with a login and 2-3 agents for a 15-day "test drive" on your own systems to get a feel for how this works. Glenn

    Gravatar for nick tsoumaris
    nick tsoumaris 2 months ago

    Does this work with Kaseya ver 9.5? And do you have any screen shot of reports?