RMM Suite for Kaseya VSA

An Automation Powerhouse for VSA


The Kaseya VSA platform is powerful and capable, but can often be daunting to new and experienced MSPs alike. The RMM Suite helps MSPs leverage the power of the Kaseya VSA platform with a minimal investment in time and money. It jumpstarts your Kaseya VSA platform by providing monitors and tools targeted to the SME environment, allowing you to immediately leverage its power while reducing unnecessary alerts!

Just some of the features of the MSP Builder RMM Suite include:

The Core Automation Suite is a collection of procedures, profiles, policies, views, and custom tools that automate much of the day to day operation of the VSA. Imagine installing an agent, having it automatically customized, analyzed, and within minutes having all appropriate monitor sets applied. The analyze and apply/remove monitor sets runs daily to insure that new features are monitored immediately (or removed to eliminate false alerts!). Also included are hundreds of Workflow Templates that can be used with most PSAs to guide help desk technicians through problem resolution. This module is priced at $1495 (one-time cost, plus install/training) and is required for EMM and Ticket Automation.

The Enhanced Maintenance and Monitoring Suite – add-on tools and monitor sets that perform autonomously. Maintenance runs during two daily cycles to insure that systems are operating at peak levels. Smart Monitors automatically adjust thresholds based on local system configuration, suppress transient events, and perform self-remediation tasks without involving the VSA. This has helped us reduce tickets hitting our help desk by more than 62% since implementing the EMM suite. This tool suite is priced at $0.75 per server and $0.25 per workstation per month, where deployed, including continuous updates.

A Ticket Automation module (available Q2 2018) that processes events based on customer SLA, time of day/day of week, and source of event. Events are analyzed to filter out nuisance events before they hit the help desk. It handles the execution of VSA Remediation Procedures, sends new or completed event data to the PSA for tracking, and even performs event escalation and notification by voice call or paging. It interfaces to any PSA with consistent, machine-readable headers for accurate ticket routing. Pricing TBD as a monthly subscription.

A Video Training Library – available separately or included at no cost with the Ticket Automation subscription. Full training on the use and operation of the RMM Suite, plus Kaseya VSA best practices for VSA configuration and operation, and general topics including Active Directory security, network optimization, and scripting fundamentals. Priced at $99 per month per organization.

Everything that an MSP needs to improve the productivity of their VSA platform, all in one place. See www.mspbuilder.com for complete details about this collection of effective and affordable products, including documentation, options, pricing, ordering, and implementation.

  • Name: Glenn Barnas
  • Company: MSP Builder
  • Website: http://www.mspbuilder.com
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  • RMM Suite for Kaseya VSA
  • Released on August 18th, 2016
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    Gravatar for Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson almost 2 years ago

    Has anyone deployed or evaluated this toolset? What's your experience been?

    Gravatar for Glenn Barnas
    Glenn Barnas almost 2 years ago

    The RMM Suite has been in use for just over 1 year at Baroan Technologies (www.baroan.com, deployed July 2015) before we made it available for sale this past August. We currently have two other customer implementations in progress. You can contact either Mike (Dispatch Manager) or Dimitri (VP) at Baroan through the contact page on their web site for feedback on the RMM Suite.

    We have a VSA 9.3 server available with the full suite deployed, where we can provide MSPs with a login and 2-3 agents for a 15-day "test drive" on your own systems to get a feel for how this works.


    Gravatar for nick tsoumaris
    nick tsoumaris about 1 year ago

    Does this work with Kaseya ver 9.5? And do you have any screen shot of reports?

    Gravatar for Glenn Barnas
    Glenn Barnas 9 months ago

    We've been hard at work with a completely new release. We have split the original suite into different components to be able to better support the Kaseya SAAS platform. We've certified the current suite on 9.5 as well. At this moment, about 90% of the suite supports SAAS and On-Prem, and our advanced ticket automation capabilities are moving to the cloud and will likely eliminate the current dependency on Service Desk as well.

    Gravatar for Andrew
    Andrew 9 months ago

    I purchased the product and received nothing.. how do i get to the download ?