RMM Suite for Kaseya VSA

An Automation Powerhouse for VSA


The Kaseya VSA platform is powerful and capable, but can often be daunting to new and experienced MSPs alike. The RMM Suite helps MSPs leverage the power of the Kaseya VSA platform with a minimal investment in time and money. It jumpstarts your Kaseya VSA platform by providing monitors and automation targeted to the SME environment, allowing you to immediately leverage its power while reducing unnecessary alerts!

The RMM Suite provides a highly integrated solution for Kaseya VSA that automates 80-90% of ongoing administration and simplifies what's left. It includes a fully-documented method for operating your VSA, allowing you to seamlessly withstand staff turnover. It delivers an endpoint Daily Maintenance solution that works, even when an agent isn't connected to VSA. It goes beyond monitoring with Smart Monitors - which automatically set their own appropriate thresholds, self-resolve many conditions, and don't "cry wolf" the instant a threshold is crossed. It intelligently interfaces between VSA and your PSA, eliminating false alerts, running A-P based remediations, suppressing and combining duplicate events, and handling after-hours / on-call notifications based on customer, event priority, and day/time.

This is not a set of samples or a "power pack" but a fully-integrated set of monitors, procedures, views, policies, and custom-written applications that deliver a production-ready RMM platform. The operation of the VSA solution is fully documented, and the product is fully supported. Visit www.mspbuilder.com to see the full story, and ask to talk to MSPs that use the RMM Suite to automate and grow their business.

(The RMM Suite is a paid solution that includes installation, customization, training, and support. This cannot be offered through the Automation Exchange as a "pay and download" product and thus is listed as "free".)

  • Name: Glenn Barnas
  • Company: MSP Builder
  • Website: http://www.mspbuilder.com
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  • RMM Suite for Kaseya VSA
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  • Released on August 18th, 2016
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    Gravatar for Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson about 2 years ago

    Has anyone deployed or evaluated this toolset? What's your experience been?

    Gravatar for Glenn Barnas
    Glenn Barnas about 2 years ago

    The RMM Suite has been in use for just over 1 year at Baroan Technologies (www.baroan.com, deployed July 2015) before we made it available for sale this past August. We currently have two other customer implementations in progress. You can contact either Mike (Dispatch Manager) or Dimitri (VP) at Baroan through the contact page on their web site for feedback on the RMM Suite.

    We have a VSA 9.3 server available with the full suite deployed, where we can provide MSPs with a login and 2-3 agents for a 15-day "test drive" on your own systems to get a feel for how this works.


    Gravatar for nick tsoumaris
    nick tsoumaris about 1 year ago

    Does this work with Kaseya ver 9.5? And do you have any screen shot of reports?

    Gravatar for Glenn Barnas
    Glenn Barnas 11 months ago

    We've been hard at work with a completely new release. We have split the original suite into different components to be able to better support the Kaseya SAAS platform. We've certified the current suite on 9.5 as well. At this moment, about 90% of the suite supports SAAS and On-Prem, and our advanced ticket automation capabilities are moving to the cloud and will likely eliminate the current dependency on Service Desk as well.

    Gravatar for Andrew
    Andrew 10 months ago

    I purchased the product and received nothing.. how do i get to the download ?

    Gravatar for David Sease
    David Sease about 2 months ago

    Not free so maybe it shouldn't be marked as such as a download. 

    Gravatar for Glenn Barnas
    Glenn Barnas about 2 months ago

    If we list a price in Automation Exchange, we MUST sell it from Automation Exchange. We will not do that, simply because the product is such that we go through a platform audit and certification process, preparation, installation, and then training before you go-live with the product. The sale price includes all implementation and training.

    We perform the platform review prior to the purchase to insure that the MSP's VSA configuration is prepared to support the level of automation we provide. As such, we have no choice but to list as "Free" and point you to our web site for full information.

    Gravatar for Glenn Barnas
    Glenn Barnas about 2 months ago

    Just a general update - the entire platform has been updated as of Q3 2018. All components are available for SAAS and On-Prem versions of VSA (9.x), and Service Desk is no longer a requirement.The Intelligent Ticket Processing engine is now a Windows system service with no SQL or other back-end requirements. It also interfaces with virtually any PSA and supports all common third-party Smart Paging services for after-hours notifications.

    We host monthly demonstrations of the product on the second Wednesday each month for those interested in seeing what all the capabilities are. Please see the Seminars calendar on our website - https://www.mspbuilder.com/products-training-seminars for times and to register.