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Datto Module for Kaseya

Manage Datto Devices & Alerts

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Datto’s Kaseya module provides Kaseya users with the capability to centrally monitor and
manage all of their Datto devices and alerts within the Kaseya portal. The Datto Module
offers complete management of the status, category, and priority of every device and
agent level alert available. Users can also monitor the amount of data backed up locally on
their device, along with the amount data in the cloud, allowing for centralized tracking for
their entire BDR fleet. Overall, the Datto module allows Kaseya users to leverage Kaseya’s
single pane of glass management solution to save their business time and money.

  • Name: Datto, Inc.
  • Company: Datto, Inc.
  • Website: http://www.datto.com
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  • Datto Module for Kaseya
  • Released on September 12th, 2016
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    Gravatar for Michael Weyant
    Michael Weyant over 2 years ago

    How do I get this module?

    Gravatar for TVarvais
    TVarvais about 2 years ago

    Error 404 - The PDF is not in the location specified by the Vist Website link on the Details page....

    Gravatar for Matt Carpenter
    Matt Carpenter over 1 year ago

    urrently the Datto module for Kaseya is very limited.

    Are there any plans to add reporting to Kaseya. Right now we are struggling to bring clients a cohesive report that bundles all of the things we would like to show our customers in an executive summary. One of those things being BDR reporting.

    It would be nice if I could assign a specific device or devices to a company in Kaseya and be able to generate a report from Info Center showing number of successful backup and number of failed backups in a specified time period.

    Is there anything like this in the works?

    Gravatar for Ryan
    Ryan about 1 year ago

    Ditto everything Matt said. This really is the whole point of PSA/RMM solution, and these integrations are advertised but not available in the SaaS solution.

    Gravatar for Chris
    Chris 11 months ago

    I opened a ticket with Datto, and they fixed the issue. The file is now available: partners.dattobackup.com/KaseyaFiles/Datto_Addon_Kaseya.zip

    Gravatar for Chris
    Chris 11 months ago

    I forgot to mention the other links are here as well:

    Gravatar for Chris
    Chris 11 months ago

    I have it working on VSA 9.4, however all the Remote web links redirect to a session expired, then prompts for device login. The last backup status & device info is nice.

    Gravatar for Chris
    Chris 11 months ago

    Per Datto support, their Dev team is aware that their plugin doesn't support their current status 2.0 page, this issue results in the remote web links to fail. Datto dropped the ball on this plugin. "We are currently aware of the remote web issue in Kaseya. However, we currently do not have a time-frame for a fix."

    Gravatar for Brian Barrus
    Brian Barrus 9 months ago

    Is this worth installing?

    Gravatar for TVarvais
    TVarvais 7 months ago

    It adds the interface to your VSA so that you have a single pane of glass for techs to view/access. FYI - some additional information on addressing the integration: http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/350/t/22719.aspx