IP Address Change

Monitors the Connection Gateway


This procedure will inform you if an Agents outside IP address changes by monitoring the connection gateway.

  • Name: Kirk Feathers
  • Company: Kaseya
  • Website: http://www.kaseya.com
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  • IP Address Change
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  • Initially Released September 15th, 2016
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    Gravatar for Eric Nemchik
    Eric Nemchik over 4 years ago

    As of 9/18/2016 11:23 AM CST either the site is providing the wrong download or you may have uploaded the wrong file. I am receiving a zip containing a procedure that seems to check Antivirus in some way.

    Gravatar for Kirk Feathers
    Kirk Feathers over 4 years ago

    Your right... I added the wrong file. Correcting it now, stand by.

    Gravatar for Elliot Lehman
    Elliot Lehman over 3 years ago

    i guess this was never corrected? it is still the wrong download 1 year later.

    Gravatar for Brennan
    Brennan 3 days ago

    What is kcg.txt? From what I am seeing it is always going to fail that since I don't have that uploaded into my kaseya documents.