CCleaner - Kaseya Integration

Machine Cleaning Integrated with Kaseya


This Kaseya-CCleaner Module in conjunction with CCleaner Business Edition allows for remote deployment, management and integration with Kaseya scheduling, monitoring, alerting and data analysis.

The Kaseya-CCleaner Module is free, but ONLY works with PAID version of CCleaner Business Edition, which can be purchased from Greater Intell.

  • Name: Mike Houston
  • Company: Greater Intelligence
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  • CCleaner - Kaseya Integration
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  • Initially Released January 3rd, 2017
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    Gravatar for Dave Curtis
    Dave Curtis about 4 years ago

    Doesn't Appear to be free or functional, its a redirect to another website for paid services.

    Gravatar for Mike Houston
    Mike Houston about 4 years ago

    Hi Dave, thanks for the interest in CCleaner. We do have a free trial option. Please email me at and I will explain. Thanks, Greater Intell

    Gravatar for Chris Behrends
    Chris Behrends almost 4 years ago

    I thought it was free also and by ccleaner... not free and not by ccleane, a trial isn't free because you can't sustain a trial.

    Gravatar for Nathan Clark
    Nathan Clark almost 4 years ago

    Just shady tactics to try and get someone to download and use, the old bait and switch. Chris you're absolutely correct as a trial expires then costs you money. This integration shouldn't be listed as free.

    Gravatar for Tim
    Tim over 3 years ago

    Is not free :( Takes you to another site.

    Gravatar for Mike Houston
    Mike Houston almost 2 years ago

    We're sorry for the confusion on the Kaseya-CCleaner Module pricing!!   The Module is FREE, but it ONLY works with the PAID version of CCleaner (CCleaner Business Edition).  It does NOT work with "Free CCleaner" which is for "Home Use Only". Greater Intell is a distributor of CCleaner and can give you a great price one the CCleaner Business Edition.  Please contact us at