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Webroot Kaseya On-Premise Module

Deploy and Manage Next-Gen Security

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The Webroot Kaseya Module is designed to increase operational efficiency by tightly integrating Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection as a module into the Kaseya VSA, while complementing the advantages available within the Webroot management console.

The Kaseya Module offers powerful features including deployment management, dashboards, auto-discovery, auto-install, agent commands, actionable alerts, and threat history. This module is designed to optimize operational costs of Webroot endpoint management via the Kaseya VSA platform. Further releases will add increased automation, efficiency features, and reporting. The Module is designed to be extremely easy to install, requiring only a few clicks. It’s intuitive to use, with helpful hints throughout, however we recommend you read through our guide before deployment.

Version 2.6.20149.1
Release Date: June 03, 2020

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  • Name: Holly Kreider
  • Company: Webroot
  • Website: http://www.webroot.com
  • Contact Developer
  • Summary
  • Webroot Kaseya On-Premise Module
  • Version: 2.6.20149.1
  • Released on May 30th, 2018
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    Gravatar for Chris Schoenwetter
    Chris Schoenwetter over 3 years ago

    Are there plans to open this up to Kaseya SaaS customers?

    Gravatar for T-Consulting
    T-Consulting over 3 years ago

    not working with all -clone installations

    Gravatar for Servicedesk Aspect
    Servicedesk Aspect almost 3 years ago

    Watch out, this is the old version 1 module, version 2 has been out for a while and has extra options, like the API settings in Webroot Settings. Installation instructions provided here should be updated to version 2.
    Biggest difference for installing this v2 module is you need to do a Reapply Database Schema, so that impacts your users.

    Gravatar for Servicedesk Aspect
    Servicedesk Aspect almost 2 years ago

    The latest v2.5.xxx version is worth updating!