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Customer Thermometer for VSA & BMS

1-click ratings for BMS & VSA tickets

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Customer Thermometer allows you to ask recipients for feedback by clicking a single icon inside any type of email. Add 1-click icons (of your choice) to the footer of your ticket threads OR add them to your ticket closure email. Track feedback against multiple VSA and BMS Fields, including ticket ID, primary tech and contact. The moment a recipient clicks an icon, feedback is registered. There is no additional “click to answer a survey” step.
Closed loop with BMS - see your ratings and comment back within your ticket - trigger new workflows.
This simple process ensures our response rates always amaze our customers. Setup in minutes.
Grab a free unlimited trial today.

Note, this will work with BMS and VSA (with ServiceDesk).
Customer Thermometer will work with VSA ticketing without the ServiceDesk module, using the script here:

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  • Customer Thermometer for VSA & BMS
  • Initially Released January 25th, 2017
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