Replace hosts file

Procedure and batch file replaces hosts.


This will backup an existing hosts file and replace with yours. Makes life easier adding multiple entries to a hosts file.

  • Name: Mark Needham
  • Company: PC Therapist
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  • Replace hosts file
  • Released on April 7th, 2017
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    Gravatar for Dmitrij Kondrasov
    Dmitrij Kondrasov 11 days ago

    Getting error: "Failed THEN in step 3 (Line 5)"

    Gravatar for Mark Needham
    Mark Needham 11 days ago

    Are you running the script as an admin?

    Gravatar for Mark Needham
    Mark Needham 10 days ago

    I have recreated the error.

    Please make sure there is a VSASharedFiles folder "Hosts" and insert your new hosts file and and the "hostsreplace.bat" reside in there. Remeber after editing the new hosts file that it isn't saved with the ".txt" extension.


    Marl Needham.