Hyper V 2012 KNM Template

KNM Template for Hyper V 2012


This template does not include thresholds in order to give the ability to customize them as needed.

The template includes the following monitors:

- HyperVLogicalProcessor
- HyperVRootVirtualProcessor
- HyperVVirtualProcessor
- HyperVMemoryBalancer
- HyperVMemoryVM
- HyperVVirtualNetAdapter
- Memory
- NetworkAdapter
- PhysicalDisk
- HyperVBytessec
- BytesReceivedsec
- HyperVPacketsSentsec
- HyperVPacketsReceived
- HyperVDroppedPacketsOut
- HyperVDroppedPacketsIn
- HyperVHealthCritical
- HyperVHealthOk
- HyperVirtualStorageWrite
- HyperVirtualStorageRead
- HyperVirtualIDERead
- HyperVirtualIDEWrite
- HyperVLegacyNetAdapterSent
- HyperVLegacyNetAdapterDropped
- HyperVLegacyNetAdapterReceived
- NetInterfaceOutput

  • Name: Douglas Sanchez
  • Company: Kaseya
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  • Hyper V 2012 KNM Template
  • Initially Released May 30th, 2017
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    Gravatar for Till Brinkmann
    Till Brinkmann over 2 years ago

    Hi, VSA Saas 9.5 Import Center chears *T

    • The uploaded file does not contain any valid content.

    Gravatar for Douglas Sanchez
    Douglas Sanchez over 2 years ago

    Hi Till, Have you tried importing the template in Network Monitor as mentioned in the instructions? 

    • Import this template via Network Monitor > Settings > Device Templates.
    • Go to Network Monitor > Monitoring > View and select a TeraStation to monitor
    • Click "Apply template" from the list of commands
    • Use the search bar to find and select the Buffalo TeraStation template
    • Click "Proceed..." to apply the template.

    Let me know if you keep running into issues.

    Gravatar for Till Brinkmann
    Till Brinkmann over 2 years ago

    Hi Douglas thank you for your replay. Yes I wrongly used the import center from VSA and not the KNM. 
    Sorry for that Greetings Till