User Account Control (UAC)

Backup/Restore/Enable/Disable UAC


This listings contains a series of Agent Procedures allowing to modify the notifications settings, as well as backup/restore and Enable/Disable UAC on the endpoints.
It make changes to the registry keys handling the UACs, because of that, any changes will only take effect after a reboot of the endpoint, which is not part of these Agent Procedures.
The Backup UAC procedure creates a text file named LUAstate.txt stored in the Working Directory folder and uploaded to the GetFiles folder of the Agent.
The Restore UAC procedure only functions if the LUAstate.txt file is inside the Working Directory of the agent as this is where the settings are being stored.

  • Name: Douglas Sanchez
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  • User Account Control (UAC)
  • Initially Released September 27th, 2017
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