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Office 365 - 2016 LAN

Mass deployment over LAN; save bandwidth


Consists of 2 scripts. One downloads the selected Office product, and the second copies the downloaded files over the LAN and installs them. Requires domain admin credentials. Can be used from computers in different domains than the server hosting the downloaded files, as long as they are on the same LAN. For instance, a MSP could have a client computer brought in for repair, on their own domain or on a workgroup. This script would still be able to pull the install files from the MSP's domain joined server assuming the provided creds are good. Useful for mass deployments to avoid re-downloading the same install files over the web

Can be used to install any product in the Office 2016 library, at first run it will prompt for credentials to activate. Can be used on top of existing Office 2013 products to upgrade in place.

Files are staged in the following directory of the target computer: C:\temp\O365-2016. This script relies on the use of Administrative shares e.g. \\computername\c$\temp. If Administrative shares are disabled in your environment, this script will fail. It may be worth using the non LAN version of this product.

• Silently installs Office, can be run against user workstations as they are logged in and using the device.
• Will only be noticed if they have prior Office versions running, as the installation will terminate them.
• Can be used on top of Office 2013 products, will upgrade them in place assuming they were of the Office 365 variants.
• Windows only
• Can be set to x86 or x64, and to any supported language.
• No need to have user credentials, once the software installs, it will prompt the user for credentials on first run to activate. Requires Office 365 licensing.

This procedure is built around the Microsoft Office Click 2 Run toolkit, as documented here:

NOTE: There is an incompatibility between Office 2016 and Project / Visio 2013, as documented in the below link. There is no workaround other than switching to Project / Visio 2016. This is a Microsoft issue, not a failing with the script.

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  • Office 365 - 2016 LAN
  • Released on November 2nd, 2017
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