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ESXI Snapshot Management

Create/Delete VM Snapshots on ESXI


This suite of procedures allow you to create and delete VM Snapshots in your Vsphere ESXI server.
It includes 6 procedures:
Install VMware.PowerCLI Module: This is a prerequisite powershell module to install on the VMs that will need to ne snapshotted.
Uninstall VMware.PowerCLi Module: This uninstall the module, in case you need to decommission or cleanup a server. I do not recommend running it if you plan on running more snapshots of a same VM.
ESXI Snapshot: Creates a snapshots of the VM it is running on, the snapshot description will start with KAS and will include the machine name as well as the date and time of the snapshot.
ESXI Snapshot all VMs on Host: It will create a snapshot with KAS as prefix, date and time of all the VMs on the selected ESXI host.
ESXI Snapshot Cleanup: It will cleanup all snapshots starting with KAS from the VM it is being run on.
ESXI Snapshot Mass Cleanup: It will cleanup all snapshots of all VMs from that host starting with KAS.

-Powershell 5.0 needs to be installed on the VM to support the Powershell Module. (Refer to this listing.)
-The VMs need the VMware.PowerCLI module to be installed prior to running any of the ESXI procedures
-The ESXI server needs to have the console shell enabled.

The 4 ESXI procedures need to be modified prior to being used: in line 1, 'ip' need to be replaced with the ip address of the server, 'username' with the username to connect to the ESXI server and 'password' with the corresponding server.

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