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Display Office 365 Click-to-Run Build


Show which Office 365 Click-to-Run build to a custom field. I created an agent procedure that pulls the release number from the registry, and stores the value in a custom field on the Audit > Individual Data > Machine Summary page. You can also use that custom field as an "Culomn" in Agents > Manage Agents

1. In Kaseya go to "Audit --> View Individual Data --> Machine Summary"
2. Click on "New Custom Field" in the summary tab
3. Name it to "Office Click-to-Run Version" or else you need to edit the procedure
4. Import the XML file from "System --> Server Managment --> Import Center"
5. Run the procedure "Add - Office Click-to-Run Version to Custom Field"

Version and build numbers of update channel releases:

  • Name: Tobias Nilsson
  • Company: B2B IT-Partner
  • Website: http://www.b2bitpartner.se
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  • Office 365 Click-to-Run Build
  • Released on December 11th, 2017
  • Discussion
    Gravatar for samuel@finkeltron.com
    samuel@finkeltron.com over 2 years ago

    Instructions are unclear? Do I make a custom field? Instructions for that?

    Gravatar for Tobias Nilsson
    Tobias Nilsson over 2 years ago

    Thx for the input. Updated instructions!

    Gravatar for Lane Boudreaux
    Lane Boudreaux over 1 year ago

    Custom field not being populated. Procedure runs successfully. Verified the registry key does exist. Any suggestions? FYI Majority of clients are 64bit OS and 32bit Office. Will be very useful going forward