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Active Directory Audit

Audit Users and Computers from AD


This is a set of 2 agent procedures to run an Active Directory Audit using Powershell.
One procedure audits the users while the other one audits the computers on the domain.
They will both upload a CSV file to the GetFile folder of the Domain Controller the procedures are running on.

  • Name: Douglas Sanchez
  • Company: Kaseya
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  • Active Directory Audit
  • Initially Released January 3rd, 2018
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    Gravatar for Louis Sorace
    Louis Sorace over 2 years ago

    Does this pull usernames or is it similar to the export users list in AD?

    Gravatar for Douglas Sanchez
    Douglas Sanchez over 2 years ago

    Hi Louis, it does export the username (SamAccount) as part of the csv export.