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Webroot Kaseya Cloud Module

Deploy and Manage Next-Gen Security

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The Kaseya Module offers powerful features including deployment management, dashboards, discovery of Webroot endpoint agents, agent commands, actionable alerts and threat history. This module is designed to optimize operational costs of Webroot® Business Endpoint Protection management via the Kaseya VSA platform. Further releases will add increased automation, efficiency features, and reporting. The Module is designed to be extremely easy to install, requiring only a few clicks. It’s intuitive to use, with helpful hints throughout, however we recommend you read through our guide before deployment. Includes MAC OS support.

Version 1.5.19261.1
Release Date: September, 2019

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  • Name: Holly Kreider
  • Company: Webroot
  • Website: http://www.webroot.com
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  • Summary
  • Webroot Kaseya Cloud Module
  • Version: 1.5.19261.1
  • Released on January 26th, 2018
  • Reviews

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    Gravatar for Aaron Elliott
    Aaron Elliott over 1 year ago

    All I seem to get is "This Tenant is not registered!!!" after installing....

    Gravatar for Andrew Streetman
    Andrew Streetman about 1 year ago

    When will we see the next release of the plugin?

    Gravatar for Nick
    Nick 9 months ago

    are there documents for upgrading the module for existing installs? what about for on-premise

    Gravatar for Andrew Streetman
    Andrew Streetman 9 months ago


    We just installed the new plug in on our SaaS server. Just went through the same process as before uploading the VSAZ file and registering with VSA. 

    Not sure for on prem, as our on prem VSA server doesn't have Webroot clients. 

    Gravatar for Craig Papke
    Craig Papke 9 months ago

    Nick - If you still need any assistance, please contact me:  cpapke@webroot.com


    Gravatar for Eugene
    Eugene 9 months ago

    Tiny heads up on an issue I ran into:

    I had an older copy of the vsaz file in my Downloads folder so the latest download got renamed. Due to the different name of the file the installation failed w/ the following error message. Once I removed the older versions and re-downloaded it, now with the normal name, it worked just fine.

    Gravatar for Jason Bachman
    Jason Bachman 3 months ago

    When trying to install the v1.5 module for SaaS envrionment, I am getting the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".

    Gravatar for Craig Papke
    Craig Papke 3 months ago

    Please remember to reach our to Webroot Support for any technical difficulties.   1-866-254-8400

    Gravatar for Eugene
    Eugene 3 months ago

    Jason Bachman - I gotchu

    Correct me if I am wrong but you have multiple copies of the same file in your downloads location, such that Windows adds a (#) to the file name. Change the file name to be the original name and that should clear it up.