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Dell Warranty Lookup

Lookup Dell Ship and Warranty dates


Would you like to have Dell ship dates and Warranty Expiration dates in Kaseya so you can use it in reports?
Script relies on 2 custom fields that must be created before script is imported (or must be edited to use different fields). The default field names are "Warranty Exp" and "Purchased Date".
Script downloads a series of vbs scripts to 1) get system info, make a Dell API call, and then save the result to file 2) parse the result for a Ship Date (If no Ship Date is found, the script will stop here) and 3) parse the result for a Warranty Expiration Date. These results are then used to populate their respective custom fields. Can report using $DellWarranty$

  • Name: Chris Amori
  • Company: ClubMSP/Virtual Administrator
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  • Dell Warranty Lookup
  • Released on March 23rd, 2018
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    Gravatar for Justin Saffell
    Justin Saffell about 2 months ago

    Just started using the script.  I found that in the usage documentation the second paragraph recommends creating a custom field called Date Purchased, but in the script the procedure is trying to write to field Purchased Date.  Once I got that straightened out, so far it has been running great.

    Gravatar for Chris Amori
    Chris Amori about 2 months ago

    Justin, thanks for catching that typo!    The instructions that come up when you download it are correct, so this must be in the .txt file inside the ZIP.    I will locate that, fix it, and re-upload as soon as I can.  Glad you figured it out!

    Gravatar for Chris Amori
    Chris Amori about 2 months ago

    File uploaded, might take a day or two to get approved!  Thanks again!

    Gravatar for Cliff Peterson
    Cliff Peterson about 1 month ago

    Do you have to setup your own account with Dell first to get access to the Warranty API?

    Gravatar for Chris Amori
    Chris Amori about 1 month ago

    @cliff, No we took care of that for you!