Kaspersky Silent Removal

For Failed Uninstalls in Kaseya


Created for failed Kaspersky Anti-Virus uninstalls through the Kaseya Module. Run Script make sure Logon/Password are correct if you are not using defaults and execute

  • Name: Julius Hardie
  • Company: Netprotect Inc
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  • Kaspersky Silent Removal
  • Initially Released March 28th, 2018
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    Gravatar for Shallal
    Shallal about 2 years ago

    how to use this

    Gravatar for Rey Marquez
    Rey Marquez over 1 year ago

    Thanks for the script. I recommend anyone run a script instead of the uninstall command on Kaseya. For me, out of about 200 agents with KAV, 57 still had KAV installed even through Kaseya reported that they were uninstalled already.

    I had to change it to run as system instead of as user. It wouldn't work as user. Also, there's another GUID that I found for KAV - {7911E943-32CC-45D0-A29C-56E6EF762275}

    I setup two different procedures per GUID, but you can also just add a line to the procedure, copy the command, and replace the GUID.

    @Shallal - Extract the xml from the zip, go to agent procedures in Kaseya. Then under schedule / create agent procedure, import the xml.