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Get Bitlocker Status and Decrypt Key

Bitlocker Status & Key Retrieval


This script will check the status of Bitlocker on the C:\ Drive of the machine and return it's status as well as the decrypt key to a custom field if enabled.

  • Name: Jay Jansen
  • Company: Thrive Networks
  • Website:
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  • Get Bitlocker Status and Decrypt Key
  • Released on May 9th, 2018
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    Gravatar for Norberto
    Norberto 3 months ago

    Need help with this.

    I receive this error:

    script summary: Failed THEN in step 2 (Line2)

    Gravatar for Oliver Heymanns
    Oliver Heymanns 3 months ago

    Hi Noberto, you have to edit the procedure, line 2 you can choose which field to iam stuck in line 3 "Failed Then in step 3

    Gravatar for Wynema Ware
    Wynema Ware about 2 months ago

    Any luck with Failed then in step 3?

    Gravatar for Cliff Peterson
    Cliff Peterson 16 days ago

    There are five (5) updateSystemInfo() commands that need updated.  Lines 2, 8, 10,16, and 18.  Put the Custom Field name that you created in the " ".  The Custom Field should be of the String type.

    Gravatar for Craig Dean
    Craig Dean 9 days ago

    Anyone got any instructions on this, I'm struggling too. 

    Gravatar for Cliff Peterson
    Cliff Peterson 9 days ago

    Create the Custom Field and then modify those lines I referenced with that name as well.  That's all I did and it seems to be working fine.  Not sure I like the idea of dumping the key to a txt file, copying the key, and then deleting the text file.  But it's working.  I may try to modify it some when time allows.