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Software Management Audit

VSA Report - Software Management


This report will provide some information on your endpoints managed by software management such as the count of machine for each profiles, the quantity of missing patches per machine, details about all the missing patches.

When running or scheduling the report you may select a specific organizations or machine group in order to limit the amount of data for each customer as needed.

  • Name: Douglas Sanchez
  • Company: Kaseya
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  • Software Management Audit
  • Initially Released May 15th, 2018
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    Gravatar for Brian Honeycutt
    Brian Honeycutt over 2 years ago

    Has anyone been successful any getting accurate failures per machine rate ? I am having issues with getting the error counts on a node actually reporting per node when errors occur. 

    Gravatar for Svante Möller
    Svante Möller over 2 years ago

    Broken Import:

    Unexpected error - System.ApplicationException: The message key 'ReportDesignerInstanceAddFailed for : Failed to retrieve DataSet 'Current Vulnerabilities'    bei Kaseya.ImportCenter.Report.ReportDesignerDataSetInstance..ctor(XmlNode reportDataSetInstanceNode, Decimal partitionId)

       bei Kaseya.ImportCenter.Report.ReportDesignerInstance..ctor(XmlNode reportInstanceNode, Decimal partitionId)

       bei Kaseya.ImportCenter.Report.ReportImporter.ImportCustomReport(XmlNode reportNode, Boolean systemLoad, ImportResponse response, Boolean overRide, Int32 sortOrder, String treeFullPath) ' is not in the message file ImportCenter/ImportCenterMessages.xml

       at Kaseya.ImportCenter.MessageMap.GetMessage(String key)

       at Kaseya.ImportCenter.ViewImportLogDetail.LoadGrid()

    Gravatar for Douglas Sanchez
    Douglas Sanchez over 2 years ago

    Hey Svante, are you sure you have access to the "Software Management" Module ? If you do, I would recommend opening a ticket with support. If you do not, this is why the report fails to import, some data sets it is looking for are missing.

    Gravatar for Svante Möller
    Svante Möller over 2 years ago

    Hello Douglas, thanks for the fast response.
    And yes, it was my fault, we doesn´t have this Module, sry for wasting your time (shame on me...)

    Svante Möller

    Gravatar for Derek Harlan
    Derek Harlan 7 months ago

    Pie charts aren't displaying accurate information. Attempted to look up the datasets both pie charts are referencing and unable to find those datasets, Number Compliant and Number Vulnerable.