Deploy Dell Command Update

Deploy Dell Command Update


Silently Installs Dell Command Update and applies a pre-configured policy. Policy settings are to scan/install system updates (not optional software) monthly and notify the user if a reboot is required. Downloads the command update installer directly from Dell.

  • Name: Brian Carlson
  • Company: Ontara IT Solutions
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  • Deploy Dell Command Update
  • Released on May 15th, 2018
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    You did want I have been trying to do for years but lack the time and scripting skills. Thanks so much!

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    Brian Carlson 10 days ago

    Glad to hear it's useful!

    Gravatar for 3 days ago

    Do you know how to modify the XML file to update only BIOS, nothing else? Would it look like this? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <dellcommandupdate version="1.0" doctype="settings"> <setting name="FilterUpdateType_Bios">True</setting> <setting name="AutomationMode">ScanDownloadApplyReboot</setting> </dellcommandupdate>

    Gravatar for 3 days ago

    I think I figured it out with this policy. Except AutoReboot doesn't seem to work. <dellcommandupdate version="1.0" doctype="settings"> <setting name="FilterUpdateType_Bios">True</setting> <setting name="AutomationMode">ScanDownloadApplyReboot</setting> <setting name="FilterDeviceCategory_Other">True</setting> <setting name="FilterUpdateType_Firmware">True</setting> <setting name="FilterUpdateType_Application">True</setting> <setting name="AutoReboot">True</setting> </dellcommandupdate>

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    Also would like to modify the script to skip download and installation of DCU if it already exists. Then just run the command with XML.

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    Brian Carlson 2 days ago

    To run without installing delete lines 3, 4 and 6 from the script. I would recommend always installing a fresh copy because I'm not sure if older versions work with the xml file. Here is a link to all the available settings for the xml file: Specifically you want to add: <setting name="AutoReboot">True</setting> and optionally: <setting name="AutoRebootSystemWait">15</setting>