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Registry Keys Management

Create or Delete any Registry Key/Value


This is a set of agent procedures to create or delete registry keys and values. There is another procedure that will prompt for a string, and look into HKLM if any of the Values contain the string in the name. The result is written in the log as well as uploaded in the GetFile folder in a file named "RegResult.txt"
When using the Registry creation procedure, the default data value is DWORD, if you need a different data type, you will need to change it in lines 4 and 6.
About the search procedure, the script will not look into some registry hives due to Windows permissions. It will return any Value found in the hives it had access to look into. By default the search is only done in HKLM, to search any other hive you need to edit lines 3 and 5.

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  • Registry Keys Management
  • Initially Released May 30th, 2018
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