Security audit report

Security Audit Report

Report on relevant security information


Two Reports and eight Agent Procedures to get a good overview on the following:
1. Antivirus status
2. Installed antivirus and antimalware products including version and if it is up to date
3. Guest account status on endpoints
4. Endpoint BitLocker status
5. Endpoint Firewall status
6. File table overview and list any endpoints with insecure file tables
7. The status of SMB1 on endpoints
8. The status of machines that have USB mass storage allowed or disabled
9. List of machines that is vulnerable to Meltdown
10. A list of all local admins on each endpoint
11. A list of VSA users their last login and their Roles and Scopes
12. A list of all network shares on every endpoint
13. Top five machines missing patches (Software Management module)
14. Top five products with vulnerabilities on the network (Software Management module)
15. Patches pending approval by KB number (Software Management module)
16. Pending patches by impact and number of machines affected (Software Management module)
17. List of critical patches pending approval that is older than thirty days (Software Management module)
18. Machines out of the compliance policy (Software Management module)

The second report lists all endpoints that BitLocker is enabled and report the Recovery Key. The Agent procedures included documents all data to the asset in custom fields.

This pack should help get you on your way to build your own agent procedures, custom fields, and report parts relevant to your business.

NOTE: If you get an error importing the Security Audit Report it is most likely because you do not have at least one of the following three modules: Kaseya Antivirus (KAV), Kaseya Antimalware (KAM), or Software Management on your VSA instance. If this is the case you can import the XML file called Security_Audit_Report__No_KAV__KAM__or_KSM_modules_.xml. This report has the components that require those modules removed.

  • Name: Sidney Sahdala
  • Company: Kaseya
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  • Security Audit Report
  • Released on June 4th, 2018
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    Gravatar for Stefano Benini
    Stefano Benini 20 days ago


    I receive this error when I import the report Security_Audit_Pack_Reports.xml:

    Unexpected error - System.ApplicationException: The message key 'ReportDesignerInstanceAddFailed for : Failed to retrieve DataSet 'Out of Compliance'    at Kaseya.ImportCenter.Report.ReportDesignerDataSetInstance..ctor(XmlNode reportDataSetInstanceNode, Decimal partitionId)

       at Kaseya.ImportCenter.Report.ReportDesignerInstance..ctor(XmlNode reportInstanceNode, Decimal partitionId)

       at Kaseya.ImportCenter.Report.ReportImporter.ImportCustomReport(XmlNode reportNode, Boolean systemLoad, ImportResponse response, Boolean overRide, Int32 sortOrder, String treeFullPath) ' is not in the message file ImportCenter/ImportCenterMessages.xml

       at Kaseya.ImportCenter.MessageMap.GetMessage(String key)

       at Kaseya.ImportCenter.ViewImportLogDetail.LoadGrid()

    Gravatar for Tim inman
    Tim inman 20 days ago


    When I downloaded and installed the nly repor tthat shows is the Bit Locker one, the Security Audit one is not available

    Gravatar for Sidney Sahdala
    Sidney Sahdala 20 days ago

    If you are having problems importing the reports check which version of VSA you are using. I made a separate XML called Security_Audit_Pack_Reports.xml that should have both reports. I just did a test import on a test box and it created a folder in Infocenter > Reporting > Reports in the Shared folders called Security Reports and both showed up. I tried importing to a previous version and the fields just didn't map properly. 

    Can you try to make sure you create the custom fields first and import the reports as a Master user and let me know the outcome, please?

    Gravatar for Sidney Sahdala
    Sidney Sahdala 20 days ago

    Hi Stefano,

    Is the Software Management module showing up on your VSA?

    It looks like it may not be because the error is referencing a report part that is installed when the module is added. If not your Account Manager can activate it for you. 


    Gravatar for Tim inman
    Tim inman 20 days ago

    Hi Sidney - let me try again and will get back to you - the agent procedures work fine just the reports not working

    Also the version we are on is



    Gravatar for Sidney Sahdala
    Sidney Sahdala 20 days ago

    I found out that the report import will fail if you do not have the Kaseya Antivirus, Antimalware, and Software Management modules on your VSA instance. I will be adding more reports to the ZIP file without the Antivirus, Antimalware, and Software Management components.

    Gravatar for Tim inman
    Tim inman 19 days ago

    Thanks as we do not use the Kaseya Antivirus, Antimalware, and Software Management modules

    Gravatar for Sidney Sahdala
    Sidney Sahdala 19 days ago

    Hi Tim, I updated the ZIP file and added a new XML file for a report without the KAV, KAM, and Software Management components.

    Gravatar for Brandon H
    Brandon H 2 days ago

    This is really great Sidney, I already have it installed and using it as is.  I don't suppose you could add procedure to tell whether TLS 1.0/1.1 are disabled?  Would be great for customers with PCIDSS compliance needs..  I would be happy to donate something for the cause.