Clean Out Junk Orgs & Machines

Removes bad Machines & Orgs


If you, like we, are plagued by machines that keep checking in after a client has been decommissioned or have engineers (and end users) who add agents to the incorrect organization then this is the script for you.

This is a stored procedure that we run every 30 minutes on our database server to get rid of the junk. It does a case significant comparison of the Organization reference code and Organization name. Bad organizations will always be an exact match for both. It then locates any machines and if they are online it attempts to remove the agent cleanly. If they are not online, then the agent is removed without un-install. After the organization has no machines remaining in it, it is then removed.

This has saved us hours of clean-up work every week.

  • Name: Pedro P. Polakoff III
  • Company: Red River Technology, LLC
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  • Clean Out Junk Orgs & Machines
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  • Initially Released July 30th, 2018
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