Bulk Update View ACLs


We were faced with the situation of having 485+ views out of a total of 690+ views that needed to be updated to grant access to 30 new roles that were created in our VSA (Part of our need to implement granular access permissions).

With input from Kaseya development, our applications developer (a bit of a T-SQL Guru IMHO) rolled this elegant SQL script that will update the ACLs in bulk ONLY if the permissions do not already exist for the specified view.

  • Name: Pedro P. Polakoff III
  • Company: Red River Technology, LLC
  • Website: http://www.redriver.com
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  • VSA
  • Version: 9.5
  • Initially Released September 20th, 2018
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    by Jason Oliver on February 8th, 2019

    215 views modified in less than a second. "WHERE(viewName LIKE '[0-2].%')" and "OR (adminGroupName = 'Master'))" Seem to be the Key parts, first being the views you want to change and second being the name of the group you want to add.


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