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CWPS Utility - EMail Flow Handlers

Check Status & Manage EMail Flow in VSA


If you're on-premises I'm sure you have encountered the problem with email flow stopping unexpectedly especially when dealing with O365 as your SMTP provider. This is mostly due to issues with TLs 1.2 and may also be due to message transmission limits, either per day, or per minute. We have separate monitoring that watches the pending items to open a ticket when the queue reaches a certain level but we've also found that the pending items may not always be an accurate reflection of the true status of the email flow in VSA.

We have also had the need to search & query against the current & historical email queue information so this package is based on our need to fill both roles and it is comprised of a View of the EMail queues and also a stored procedure that returns accurate counts of email in failed, sent, and pending states.

  • Name: Pedro P. Polakoff III
  • Company: Red River Technology, LLC
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  • CWPS Utility - EMail Flow Handlers
  • Version: 1.0
  • Initially Released October 1st, 2018
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