Software Management Report and Summary

Reporting for Software Management.


*** This report only works for Software Management if your VSA version is before 9.5.2. I am working on a new set of reports for 9.5.2 and above to be released February 2021.
Import these two reports into your VSA to report on the Software Management module.
This is a great starting point to report on Software Management. You can use the reports as they are or tweak it and remove (or improve) on what has been configured. Also, this is a great learning tool to help you create better reports. Feel free to reverse engineer, improve on it, publish to the Automation Exchange, and earn street cred from VSA community!

The first report, Software Management Report, is a detailed report that is tailored more to a Technical audience. Remember you can easily edit and remove the parts that you do not want.

The second is the Software Management Summary that is mostly Graphs and Charts along with an overview. This is a high level report and great to send to your Clients or Upper Management along with the VSA Executive Summary.

  • Name: Sidney Sahdala
  • Company: Kaseya
  • Website:
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  • Software Management Report and Summary
  • Version: 2.0
  • Initially Released March 22nd, 2019
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    Gravatar for Xavier
    by Xavier on April 9th, 2020

    I am able to show my clients the updates that have been pushed for that month which is a time saver!

    Gravatar for Tyler McBride
    by Tyler McBride on January 3rd, 2020

    Pulls incomplete/inaccurate information, could be the VSA causing the issue but no information will pull into these reports.

    Gravatar for Tyler McBride
    Tyler McBride over 1 year ago


    Gravatar for Todd McCullough
    Todd McCullough over 1 year ago

    I have to agree, but not a fan of the entire SM module. Not near as feature rich and functional as PM, which was basically set it and forget it, worked great and accurate reporting, very granular control and logical. SM has a lot of bugs, less functionality and control, reporting is horrible and lacking, requires more baby-sitting. SM is the only thing that has me regretting my move to Kaseya. 2 years left on my contract, so they have that long to fix it, otherwise we'll find something else. RMM tool should be at least very strong in monitoring and patching as that's the bread and butter we need. The other stuff is gravy. Kaseya broke half of that recipe. 

    Gravatar for Karolis Stankus
    Karolis Stankus over 1 year ago

    I agree. A lot of bugs, not informative. Support does not know how to solve issues. Very unstable module in Kaseya.

    Gravatar for Sidney Sahdala
    Sidney Sahdala about 1 year ago

    I will be coming out with an update soon with more reports. I have found that this Report works best when you are using SQL Reporting Services rather than Kaseya Reporting Services. If you are on SaaS then you are using SSRS. When you have an On-Prem installation, Kaseya Reporting Services is the default. You can find this under System > Server Management > Configure. 

    Also, I have helped a lot of customers with this Report and it does work. If you have problems with this please contact your account manager and schedule a Technical Account Review. Try to get me but I should be able to help. I am very experienced with the Software Management module and can help. 

    Gravatar for Sidney Sahdala
    Sidney Sahdala 12 months ago

    After analyzing the reports because of the comments, It looks like the first page and information on compliance, is not working. the rest looks fine. It looks like this is due to some bugs in the module. I reported this to the Product Manager. I will be working on a newer version.

    Also,  please remove the compliance Report Parts if you are using this and be sure to use SQL reporting services and not Kaseya Reporting services.

    Gravatar for Stephen Raines
    Stephen Raines about 1 month ago

    Curious when you think you will have the post 9.5.2 reports ready?