Firefox - Install

Firefox Install


This will install Firefox v67.0.4.
I use variables so when the version changes, you can just change the 3 variables at the top.
Also - It Checks for x86 & x64 OS and installs the appropriate version, then deletes the installer file, writes procedure log entries, Tests for the Firefox installed file, and sends a Success/Failure email to someone.
Change the email addresses on lines 26 & 29 to your desired destination
I originally got the base of this script from this exchange, and then modified it.
I apologize for not remembering who put it on the exchange, but would like to pay it forward.
Thanks to all the Exchange contributors - examples are the best teachers.
Would be happy to know how you make this better..... Always learning

  • Name: Jack Aitken
  • Company: Complete Computer Services, Inc
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  • Firefox - Install
  • Version: v6.7.0.4
  • Initially Released June 28th, 2019
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