System stability

Windows System Stability Index

Find out the stability of a Windows box


This agent procedure gets an average of the Windows System Stability Index and puts the result in a Custom Field so you can see its reliability. This can help find endpoints that will have problems such as application and operating system crashes, slowness, and other problems that can negatively affect the system. This agent procedure is a good example of VSA’s flexibility and shows that if VSA doesn’t do something natively then you can write an Agent Procedure to add the functionality.

This is based on the Windows Reliability data collected over the lifetime of a system.
It is a weighted measurement calculated from the number of failures seen over a rolling
historical period. The index value is calculated over the preceding 28 days, although the results for considerably more days can be seen in the Reliability Monitor itself. Reliability events in the System Stability Monitor will describe the specific failures for you to investigate further.

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  • Windows System Stability Index
  • Version: 1.0
  • Released on August 20th, 2019
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    Sidney Sahdala 29 days ago

    This Agent Procedure together with the Detect HDD or SSD plus SMART Health Agent Procedure ( be very helpful in judging the reliability of a system.