Get TeamViewer Version and ID

Get TeamViewer Version and ID


This will pull TeamViewer Version and ID and fill the custom fields below:
TeamViewer Version

  • Name: Jagadesh
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  • Get TeamViewer Version and ID
  • Initially Released June 15th, 2016
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    Gravatar for Fred Holzsager
    Fred Holzsager over 4 years ago

    The current version of TeamViewer is 11, and it will be TV12 soon enough. If this only works for TV8, then it needs revision. Thank you.

    Gravatar for Jagadesh
    Jagadesh over 4 years ago

    Hi Fred,

    Yes,this procedure will work only for Team viewer 8. This procedure get information from windows registry. You can easily modify procedure. (edit procedure and Change the registry path). This will work as expected. If you need any further assistance please reply back. Thank you.

    - Jagadesh