Zoom Versions Report

Zoom Versions Report


With Zoom being widely used by the mass, we need to ensure that our managed endpoints is using the latest version to reduce security risk, this report will give you an insight of the zoom version your managed endpoint is using. Which after that you can offer to initiate a zoom update project with them.
There will be 3 part of the report:
1st Part - Pie Chart to show Zoom Version overall
2nd Part - Breakdown by version count
3rd Part - Breakdown count by Machine Groups

*Previous report only reports zoom version on windows as the filter is "Equal zoom.exe"
Switched that to = "Like zoom" to include MAC that shows zoom instead of zoom.exe

  • Name: Aaron Koay
  • Company: Integricity
  • Website: http://integricity.com
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  • Zoom Versions Report
  • Version: 2.0
  • Initially Released April 9th, 2020
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    Gravatar for Joel K. Hansen
    Joel K. Hansen 10 months ago

    I'm trying to modify your report to also include mac (zoom.us.app) but havn't succed - could anybody help with this?


    Gravatar for Aaron Koay
    Aaron Koay 10 months ago

    Hi Joel, thanks for spotting that!

    I managed to take a look closer, and realized the application filter is "equal" zoom.exe, MAC does not have exe so i switched the filter to "Like" Zoom

    Now it includes MAC as well in the report!


    Gravatar for Aaron Koay
    Aaron Koay 10 months ago

    New report v2 is pending review as i just uploaded