Captain's Chair

The Client View. Customer Experience.


Captain’s Chair integrates with Kaseya BMS and Kaseya VSA. It is designed for the next generation MSP focused on customer experience, by providing the MSPs client visibility to their data, the ability to create and manage tickets, and visibility to additional data from the MSPs tech stack including O365, various backup and security solutions and more. In addition to visibility for the end client, there is an account management portal with a valuable dashboard for quick insight into client behavior.
Some MSPs have made Captain’s Chair a key part of their QBR process, showing data in real time instead of spending hours compiling data that is stale seconds after generating the report. Well organized MSPs that are doing the right things for their clients are best suited for Captain’s Chair as the service provides visibility that the less organized MSP may not be ready for, though some may use it more internally at first, to get organized and later provide their clients access.

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  • Initially Released June 15th, 2020
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