Kaseya IP-Range Agent Installer

Install Agents across a range of IP's


This is a quick solution to install the Kaseya Agent, leveraging KCONNECT.EXE. The included PowerShell script will increment a set range of IP Addresses to attempt an agent install at each IP.

Prerequisites and Requirements:
1. The endpoint must have Windows firewall disabled.
2. File and Print Sharing is enabled
3. Targeted machine requires a Local Administrator account
4. UAC must also be disabled.

  • Name: Gonzalo Carrillo, Kaseya Support
  • Company: Kaseya
  • Website: http://www.kaseya.com
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  • Kaseya IP-Range Agent Installer
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  • Initially Released June 19th, 2020
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    Gravatar for Brent Jones
    Brent Jones 6 months ago

    Curious why you wouldn't just use Discovery to accomplish this?