Server Health Check Report Version 4.0

Server Health Check Report


** Please read the "Readme.docx" before start.

Server Health Check Report.

Created by : Kshitij Atnoorkar.
Version : V4.0.0.0
Dated : July 2020
OS : Windows
Clients : Above windows Server 2003.
PS Version : Above 2.0.V (5.1 Will be good for better result.)

Computer Information.
System Details.
Time Status.
Disk Information.
Top 15 Largest Files in C: Drive.
Shared Drive Details.
Problematic Services.
Top 10 Processes by CPU.
Top 10 Processes by Memory.
Patch Information. Required / Installed Patches / Reboot required.
Critical System, Application and Security logs - Last 2 days.
Scheduled Task List.
Network Configuration.
Applications Installed On The Machine.
Group Policy Details.
Domain Controller Details.
Best Practices Analyzer.
Installed Windows Features Details.
Virtual Machine Details
Expired and Certificates Will Eexpire in N Days.
Members of Administrator Group.
Current Firewall Status.
Net Connection Details.
And more.

This file will generate output from the directory it is run in form of an html file

  • Name: Kshitij Atnoorkar
  • Company: Kaseya Software India Pvt Itd.
  • Website:
  • Contact Developer
  • Summary
  • Server Health Check Report Version 4.0
  • Version: 4.0
  • Initially Released July 8th, 2020
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    Gravatar for Dhaval Brahmbhatt
    Dhaval Brahmbhatt 10 months ago


    I am quite interested in this AP. But looking at the steps, step 5 is calling another AP. 

    What AP is it calling? 


    Gravatar for Kshitij Atnoorkar
    Kshitij Atnoorkar 9 months ago

    Hi Dhaval,

    You can delete the Step 5, it was not selected any another AP that was defined to pause agent procedure. Now I have made changes and clearly defined pause procedure step 5. Please re-download the agent procedure.


    Kshitij Atnoorkar.

    Gravatar for Grady Parker
    Grady Parker 9 months ago


    i just downloaded and installed the agent procedure i tested on a win10 machine and a server 2016. how long does this procedure take to complete, all i see after 5 minutes in KNOC is NetShare.txt


    Gravatar for Kshitij Atnoorkar
    Kshitij Atnoorkar 9 months ago

    Hello Grady,

    It is depend on what roles installed on server. Usually it will take 15 min to complete the procedure. Let me know if you see any error in the agent procedure logs.

    I would suggest wait for 15 to 20 min.


    Kshitij Atnoorkar.