What is shodan

Audit or Monitor Shodan Results in Kaseya VSA

Script to Audit or Monitor Shodan Vuln


This procedure is getting the Shodan Results (vulnerabilities) of the Public IP address listen as 'Gateway Address' on the agent.

Kaseya Customer Value: Represents the Public IP-address to check with Shodan if there are vulnerabilities
End Value: Use the results to improve security by resolve the listed CVE's.

Why: You can monitor if you Public IP-Address is vulnerable

1) Custom Field 'Shodan' (Optional)
2) Require PowerShell v4 or higher
3) Require a API Key from Shodan

  • Name: Pieter Jorritsma
  • Company: ViaData
  • Website: http://www.viadata.nl
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  • Summary
  • Audit or Monitor Shodan Results in Kaseya VSA
  • Version: 1.1
  • Initially Released August 17th, 2020
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    Gravatar for Zach Becker
    Zach Becker 17 days ago


    I'm receiving an error on execuition.

    Failed THEN in step 3 (Line 15)

    This is in regards to the powershell version 4 check. Is this checking the Kaseya VSA host for Powershell v 4 or higher, or the end system that I'm scanning? The system I'm testing on has Powershell 5.1.19041.610 installed. I'm using Kaseya SAAS platform for my VSA.