Monitoring M365 Azure AD Sync

Check if Azure AD Sync Status is Healthy


So we all deploy Azure AD Sync for our clients that have hybrid environments. Then there is a possibility that Microsoft 365 Azure AD Sync might break down due accidental deletion threshold or no longer perform password syncs duo other problems. The Azure AD Sync (Azure AD Connect) client does tend to break form from time to time.

When you do not have alerting, get this procedure, because you make sure you get alerts when this happens because you want to get on it the right way. Yeah, you think you get easy setup e-mailing from your Office portal for this but, WHY you have Kaseya VSA that can monitor it for you.

So take the script and use it, it's better than use the e-mailing and give you right away information you needed.

It's easy to configure. You only have to fill a couple of parameters and put the script in the right place and, you can start setting up a cloud-sided monitoring set that shows you exactly where your Azure AD Sync Fails.

1) PowerShell v5 or higher
2) A Custom Field 'AD Sync Status'

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  • Monitoring M365 Azure AD Sync
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