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Execute SSH Commands with PowerShell

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Provides an invoke-SSH-command function and Kaseya procedures to automate certain aspects of web server maintenance using SSH CLI in PowerShell. Some automatable aspects are folder maintenance, data export, security etc
The functionality provided by this library focuses on command invocation over SSH in PowerShell.

The module comes with the following PowerShell functions:
1. Connect-SSH
2. Disconnect-SSH
3. Invoke-SSH-Command

And the following Kaseya related procedures in a VSA work folder:
1. Invoke SSH Command Procedure (Template)
2. Sample SSH Get Folder Size in GB Procedure
3. Sample SSH List Web Server Users

NOTE: All procedures come with notification option built in and turned on by default. And that some familiarity required with SHH commands when running the Invoke SSH Command Agent Procedure.

  • Name: Gabriel Dzsurdzsa
  • Company: Bercell Intergrates Technologies
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  • Execute SSH Commands with PowerShell
  • Version: 1
  • Initially Released August 24th, 2020
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    Gabriel Dzsurdzsa 8 months ago

    I am planning a consistent release schedule for this library. What you should expect to see is: Procedures for all common SSH commands and a demo on how to automate your Web Server Management by editing the procedures to automatically accept your SSH credentials. We will cover: User/Account management, SSL cert(s) management, file / disk space management, backups and logging.