Full base monitoring automation

Automated server base monitoring.


This is complete set of monitoring automation that is easily adaptable and fully customizable.
Included documentation will guide you through setting up and give you a clear understanding on how this works.
- None Removable Disk Detection for drives over 10GB
- Automatically apply Monitoring to each disk for 5GB, 2GB and 500MB alerting
- Applies base service monitoring to servers 2008-2019
- Applies AD base monitoring to AD controllers 2012-2016
- Applies DHCP monitoring
- Detects the location of Exchange mail queue drive and applies 85% check for back pressure events
drives C-F

This system uses the following technologies
-Agent Procedures
-Custom Fields
-Monitor sets

You will also find the Architecture overview, How-To and Setup documentation.
Enjoy, customize and adapt anyway you want this.

  • Name: Alex Yantifovich
  • Company: Atomic Data
  • Website: http://www.atomicdata.com
  • Contact Developer
  • Summary
  • Full base monitoring automation
  • Version: 1.0
  • Initially Released August 25th, 2020
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    Gravatar for Alex Yantifovich
    Alex Yantifovich 6 months ago

    I am curious to hear from folks that downloaded and implemented it. Feed back, suggestions, experiences would be greatly appreciated. 

    Gravatar for Dhaval Brahmbhatt
    Dhaval Brahmbhatt 3 months ago

    Hi Alex

    I am going to implement this over the coming weeks and let you know any feedback.