Install Microsoft Teams

installs microsoft teams


fetches MS Teams 64 Bit installer i.e. Teams_windows_x64.exe from teams site and places it in the downloads folder.

Then it executes the shell command and installs Teams in the user context.

Post that it checks whether Teams folder exists or not and if it does then would send an email and lastly delete .exe file from Downloads folder.

  • Name: Kaseya Automation Team
  • Company: Kaseya
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  • Install Microsoft Teams
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  • Initially Released September 4th, 2020
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    Gravatar for Michael Hypolite
    Michael Hypolite 7 months ago

    will this upgrade teams if an older version is installed?

    Gravatar for Kaseya Automation Team
    Kaseya Automation Team 7 months ago

    Hi Michael,

    This has not been tested. in theory, it should.

    Gravatar for Cherian Mathew
    Cherian Mathew 6 months ago

    Does it install for all users or current user only