Windows 10 Performance Score

Writes Win10 Performance Data to VSA


The procedure will query Windows 10 "WinSAT" results and populate the custom fields with the values.

These WinSAT values are usually populated automatically by Windows periodically, but not always.

If the results show "No XML", you need to run the WinSAT tool on the machine.

This can be done by running "winsat.exe formal" in an elevated command prompt.

This is only supported on Windows 10. If run on an unsupported OS, the custom field will be updated to reflect this.

The results shown are

CPU Score = CPUCompression2Metric (Uses a compression algorithm as a benchmark)

Memory Score = AvgThroughput (Tests manin system RAM. Converted to GB/s using divisor of 1024*1024)

Gaphics Score = DWMFps (Returns Desktop Windows Manager benchmark in Frames/s)

Disk Score = TotalBytesPerSecondMean (Returns system drive benchmark)

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  • Windows 10 Performance Score
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  • Initially Released September 14th, 2020
  • Reviews
    Gravatar for Rob S
    by Rob S on December 10th, 2020

    Works great on Win 10 (2004)

    Gravatar for David Lombrozo
    by David Lombrozo on November 30th, 2020

    Consistently fails on line 7. Using Windows 10 (20H2).


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