Dell Command | Update Windows 10

Dell Command | Update Windows 10 app


This is for the new Dell Command | Update *Windows 10 app * version 3.1.3
(link in instructions area)

Requirement: Dell Command Update setting export file. (script looks for it in "VSASharedFiles\DellCommandUpdate\DCU-Settings.xml" )
To generate this, install Dell Command | Update for Windows 10, choose the options you want in Settings, then export to file and it will make the xml for you.
Then upload the xml to your VSA "Distribute Files" area.

This procedure does the following:
(DCU = Dell Command Update)
- Renames existing c:\kworking\DCU folder (if any) with timestamp name to preserve DCU log files
- Creates new folder c:\kworking\DCU
- Checks for correct version of DCU app, uninstalls any other version
- Downloads DCU version 3.1.3 Windows 10 app if needed
- Installs DCU Windows 10 app if needed, log file in c:\kworking\DCU
- Checks installer log and automatically reboots if needed. (most people will probably want to change that behavior)
- If reboot is needed after DCU install, the procedure should restart after the reboot, check version again and proceed now that version matches
- Copies DCU-settings.xml, then imports the settings to DCU
- DCU check for updates silently, follows settings you imported, log file in c:\kworking\DCU
- DCU downloads and installs updates silently, follows settings you imported, log file in c:\kworking\DCU

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  • Dell Command | Update Windows 10
  • Version: 3.1.3
  • Initially Released October 15th, 2020
  • Reviews
    Gravatar for Edwin
    by Edwin on November 18th, 2020

    This script is amazing, a huge time saver for Dell management. It has worked great on windows 10. It is also nice that it always grabs the latest version of Dell Command Update, meaning it allows you to create a procedure that always uses the most up to date version of the app for client management.

    Gravatar for Edwin
    Edwin 5 months ago

    Note for others: When running this script the first time, it will install the latest version of DCU. After the latest version is installed I had to manually restart the PC before it will do a driver scan. After manually restarting the first time, the procedure runs, installs the driver silently, then reboots according to your specifications in the config file.