Wipe Windows 10 to factory default (OOBE)

Remotely Wipe Windows 10 Data


This agent procedure will write a PowerShell script to the working directory and execute it as System to wipe the computer using the MDM WMI Bridge Provider. When executed, the PowerShell script runs without prompt and cannot be interrupted.

Safety measure put in place in Agent Procedure to combat against accidental run:

Upon execution, the tech executing the script will be prompted to enter the target computer name. The procedure will then perform a "hostname" command and compare the two values. If they match, the script will write to the endpoint and execute. Additional safety measure place on PowerShell execution to only execute on Windows 10 computers.

  • Name: James Bayliss
  • Company: Coretelligent
  • Website: http://www.coretelligent.com
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  • Wipe Windows 10 to factory default (OOBE)
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  • Initially Released December 22nd, 2020
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