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Umbrella Check In

I am looking for a procedure that will scan a machine and come back with a result if Umbrella OpenDNS is installed. I would also like it to check last check in time that can be modified. (ie. hasnt been seen for 7+ days) I see machines in the OpenDNS portal sometimes that have not checked in for a month plus, but currently no way to monitor this. This script would allow me to see machines that currently need it installed, or a reinstall to fix the check in issues.

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Marc Reiter over 2 years ago

It would be very easy to test if one of the files in the OpenDNS folder exists to test if it is installed, and to test if the service is running to see if it's active.   There's no way to verify that it's checking in.  That's all done from the OpenDNS side.

What would you want it to do?  Send an email if there was an issue?   I've got mine set to run the installer if it was detected that it is not already installed.


- Marc

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Nicholas Tobin over 2 years ago

Hi MArc. Weird never got a notification regarding your response 2 months ago. How did you set yours up like this?


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