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Software license Piracy Check

Hi I am looking for generating report on the list of software licenses which shows genuine and non-genuine software for the general software like Microsoft windows, Office and Autocad. This will be helpful to notify the customers about the non-genuine software periodically.

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Gonzalo Carrillo, Kaseya Support over 2 years ago

Hi Lokesh!

Looking into this, I'm not 100% sure this is viable. A report on missing licenses is certainly possible, but determining what is genuine and what is not is another matter entirely.

Most counterfeiting occurs by disabling the programs ability from reaching their license server. Thus, utilizing an expired OEM key, allows them to bypass the authentication requests moving forward by modifying the host file.

In Adobe's case, they actually have you replace the authentication DLL's with hacked ones.

All that being said, it means the keys themselves are not different than the real ones, so comparison is almost impossible.

Hope that makes sense.


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Todd Reibling over 2 years ago

There must be a way that we can get this working to pull what it can and then populate the field with something if it can't.  At least we would be able to automate this process some until we are able to work this out with Microsoft.

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Gonzalo Carrillo, Kaseya Support over 2 years ago

Hi Todd,

A report that displays license data gathered by audit is pretty straight forward. Something like this:

A report that ties into a custom field for an agent procedure that runs a command-line command to get a software's license is also pretty straightforward, which is dependent on the software in question of course.

I think the ask here is to get a report of genuine vs non-genuine, which I do not think is possible. And not due to a limitation of Kaseya, but instead of how license counter-fitting is done on Windows. Of course, if someone can find a way or knows something about fake licenses, it would be cool to see!


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