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Get Server time, compare to source and send alert if time is incorrect

We are looking for a procedure which can do the following for us: - Check that all PDC Emulators in the forest (incl subdomains) has a specific ntp server set as source - check that all member servers are configured to get the time from their domains PDC - that no VM gets the time synchronized from the underlying Hyper-V Host - Send an alert in case the servers time is not equal to the ntp pool servers time Looking forward for you input. Many thanks in advance Matthias

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Glenn Barnas over 4 years ago

Our RMM Suite includes smart monitors, including one for system time checks. It compares local and domain time for member systems, and domain to NTP for the PDCe. (local to domain to NTP differences are always logged.) If time is within 5 seconds, no action is taken, 6-180 seconds, a re-sync is performed, 181+ Seconds - a re-sync is done and an alert is generated. If the configuration is incorrect, it is reset - enforcing NT5DS on member servers and NTP with multiple sources on the PDCe. The Hyper-V registry is also checked/set to avoid time sync with the VM Host.
This is typical of the smart monitors that we offer through the RMM Suite, which self-remediate, suppress alerts for transient conditions, and auto-adjust thresholds based on local settings (such as disk capacity monitoring with custom thresholds configured for every volume on every agent).
Check out the RMM Suite on Automation Exchange or contact me through - we might be able to make the smart monitors package available independently of the suite.


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